I Bought An Xbox One SAD And It's Exactly What I Expected…

The Xbox One SAD is now out to buy in stores and online. The Xbox One S All Digital Edition console removes the disc drive inside and lowers the MSRP by 50 dollars. The only issue is the Xbox One S is easily attainable online for nearly 200 dollars making the SAD edition console useless, so we might as well take it apart.

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42 Replies to “I Bought An Xbox One SAD And It's Exactly What I Expected…”

  1. Gareth Lloyd

    So essentially you could get a regular xbox one s, remove the hdd yourself and for less money you'll have your own xbox one sad. Plus you could sell the bluray drive on ebay for further reduction. Another way would be to buy a Xbox one s and never put disc based games in. All this makes no sense for why ms released this. If the sad was 50 cheaper than regular s, that would give an option for consumers.
    Someone should try and install a Xbox one s bluray drive in the sad and install the drive board also

  2. ‘ xErian16x ‘

    I just bought one today. I didn’t know that the digital version is doesn’t have disc reader. I just wondering if i can replace the item to xbox one with disc reader. Do u guys think i can replace it? I bought it at wallmart

  3. Argonxx12 1

    (2020) Xbox after Xbox One- No console.
    (2025) After that-No games.
    (2035) After that-No price.
    (2045) After that-No name.
    (2055) After that-No brand.
    (2065) After that-No Head company.
    “Hey guys buy the new _____ Console made from _______ with games such as ________ for the price of ______.”

  4. yaxxee

    I was tempted to buy this because I don't use discs. But the price difference is not good enough. I bought a normal One S 1tb preowned for £89 (cheap because the disc drive is faulty). Got my own digital version for a lot less money..

  5. Aden Clarke

    I'm thinking about getting one of these can pick one up for £169 new I don't watch blue rays and I only buy digital games for my ps4 want another console for upstairs any advice would be greatful thanks

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