I Bought A Tesla Model 3 – Celebrating 2 Million Subscribers!

Tesla Model 3 Detailed Review & Test Drive – I Bought An Electric Car!
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The Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range has 260 miles of range on a full charge, powered by an electric motor at the rear wheels, good for 0-60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds. I bought the mid-range in multi-coat red with 19″ wheels. The Model 3 now comes standard with the premium interior, including 12-way adjustable heated front seats, premium audio, and a tinted glass roof.

The Tesla Model 3 is currently available in three configurations, mid-range RWD, long-range AWD, and performance AWD. Each version is quicker, and the long range models have 310 miles of range. The Tesla Model 3 Performance is capable of hitting 60 mph in 3.3 seconds! Check out the video for my full impressions on the Model 3 mid-range, my new ride!

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30 Replies to “I Bought A Tesla Model 3 – Celebrating 2 Million Subscribers!”

  1. Engineering Explained

    Lots of people debating primary colors haha. Yellow is in fact a primary color when referring to paint. (Blue paint plus yellow paint = green paint). Green is a primary color when referring to light (red light plus green light = yellow light)! Also, I'm not sure what Tesla referral codes are all about, but several have commented, so here's my referral link: https://ts.la/jason66047

  2. Harry Byrne

    RED, BLUE and GREEN are the three Primary Colors. Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are the three Anti-Colors. I'm a physicist. If you study Quantum Chromodynamics you'll know what I mean by colors and anti-colors.

  3. Chris Atwell

    Im waiting for batery tech to get better. Elon is the single most amazing man alive but i garuntee theyll have twice the range in 5 years and teslas will be the new iphone. Good when it comes out and obsolete a year later.

  4. never ever

    Jason, with Electric cars. independant motors. In theory can people use mis-matched tire treads same size tyres? I know you like tires, I do too. I want you to do a video of effects of tires on gears & diffs and transmissions. engineer explain why matching tires are important. Maybe on tesla's with independant motors matching tires don't matter. IDK

  5. Elias B.

    The door handles are odd to me. After an accident doors often do not open easily. Firefighters always try to rip the door open at the handles before using hydraulic tools, because if it opens it is a lot faster and safer. Because of that, Audi for instance even changed the door handles from those you had to grab from underneath to those you can grab around in the early 2000's (German fire brigades complaint because the other style did not offer the possibility to bring up a large force. these handles are not suited for pulling them very powerful. on modern day cars that is even more of an issue since cutting the bodywork is not only harder to do but also more dangerous(Airbags, Belt tensioners, etc.)

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