I Bought A Refurbished Xbox One X From eBay…And This Is What They Sent Me

Today we are taking a look at a refurbished Xbox One X system from eBay. These systems are starting to drop in price and even show up on sites like eBay, Walmart and Newegg. It was hard to believe a complete Xbox One X would be 200 dollars shipped, so lets take a look at what shows up and if it’s worth grabbing now in 2020.

Newegg listing:
Original eBay listing:

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21 Replies to “I Bought A Refurbished Xbox One X From eBay…And This Is What They Sent Me”

  1. Loop Hole

    What I hate about the one x is how long it takes to install a game. I buy a game then have to install it. I keep my console off line just in case the patch updates take things away from the original build that I would prefer, like when Microsoft nurfed mafia 3 when the definitive edition came out.

    Then when I decide to go back online to install patches I need for other games like hdr patches, I have to wait ages for a mandatory console update then another update for the game patch.

    Some will say why not keep the Xbox updating by itself. Well the answer is the simple not all updates improve the console. The last update I had fucked up my hdr so I couldn’t continue a game in hdr from sleep mode meaning having to exit and reload the game all over again. It took ages before another update came along that fixed that problem which is why I usually keep my one x off line until I need to get an update for a particular game.

    I’m dreading updating my one x again. I only recently got it running how it’s supposed to. I’m shit scared that the next update is going to fuck it up again.

    I never have this problem with my PS4 pro and my pro doesn’t do mandatory updates as regular, either. Which in my view is a good thing.

  2. Kvng Austin

    Literally bought a pre owned Xbox one x twice from GameStop and they both were in perfect condition 😂 I have rarely had an issue with GameStop. So ion know why everyone shits on them

  3. Simon M.O jensen

    I bought one today for 180 from a seller nearby. It was barely used and no scratches. He only used it for blurays. But got a new one. So thats neat. Im gonna just use it as a media server. For 4k blurays hehe and some red dead redemtion

  4. John Smith

    This is interesting! I too bought a $200 refurbished Xbox One X! But I couldn't get it to boot properly. I had to return it. It had everything yours had. I was sad. Now covid messed up the Series X's supply chain, reduced stock badly, and drove up the price of the One X :-/

  5. Itsgud

    I brought a refurbished a month ago and played for 3 weeks and it couldn’t run any games anymore without turning off, tomorrow I am getting the new Xbox series x

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