I Bought a FAKE Nintendo Wii Motion Plus Controller

The Nintendo Wii was a system that I really enjoyed. I own a lot of Wii games, and have fond memories of the system. While working on a Wii Dual review, which is an HDMI modded Wii, I realized something. I have no idea where my Wiimote controllers are. So being the weirdo that I am, I bought a knockoff Wiimote. How is it? Let’s see!

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  1. Donna Lints

    How do you calibrate the controller?
    I bought a built in motion control but the thing keeps vibrates and jumps around when trying to aim and type on game key board! I’m thinking of sending it back but I waited so long for it to get here and I heard you say calibrate so I’m thinking πŸ€” is that something I can do to fix it before sending it back?

  2. John M

    Did you just call red steel a really cool game? I had never been more disappointed in my life. They set up the Wii remote motion system to be this amazing thing that would revolutionize playing games. Despite their VERY stupid choice to not make it HD and even calling HD a fad (dafuq? Seriously?), I was still excited because of the motion controls… until I saw how that worked. There was nothing revolutionary about it. I moved the controller a certain way and it was the same as pressing a button… An animation played and an action was performed. It's was a LITTLE more precise than regular controllers and things like aiming worked VERY well, but overall, it was just another failure by Nintendo. Ever since the n64, they had made at least one MAJOR mistake per console. I stopped keeping track at the Wii though so I can't speak for the consoles that followed after. But the n64 had cartridges instead of discs, the GameCube had that stupidity small disc that required two discs for some games, and finally the Wii opted out of HD and was an under powered system. Like… Seriously? Anyway… It was a big disappointment πŸ˜”

  3. Wii Pirate

    I don't have money for an original one

    my wii remote motion is faulty, i play skate and it starts doing tricks by itself, it's impossible to kill people in manhunt 2 like that.

  4. Asdry gaming

    Folkes, I'm a man who likes to play with his wii.😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 😏😏

  5. Alan Dennis

    I have a cheap clear blue PDP Wiimote that I got from Walmart for $13. The buttons are cheap and clicky, and the dpad doesn't feel that great, and the LED indicators are blinding in a dark room lol. But it works and lets me play, which is almost daily and I consider it to be one of the greatest video game systems of all time

  6. D'onte Graves

    You know…for $20, you can go to ebay and buy real official Wii remotes with Motion Plus inside. You'd do best to look for bundles of 4 or more for more bang for your buck. You can test them yourself and return them at your leisure should you receive anything unsatisfactory–like broken buttons, corroded battery compartments or destroyed bottom plug compartments where the accessories plug in.

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