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  1. DaHitch

    The embargo actually makes perfect sense. You mentioned that Norway gets the car sooner than other countries, this means that without an embargo anyone who gets to test the car before anyone else has access has a fantastic scoop. With that being the case if for example you laid out all your findings now, before anyone has been able to test it you've basically undercut every other journalist who doesn't have access yet. You can imagine how this could actually create a backlash towards Audi, why even bother testing (and thus promoting) their car if all the relevant information is already out there and as a journalist you can only rehash what's already been said?
    By enforcing an embargo Audi makes sure that everyone has a fair chance to do their own tests and form their opinion without anyone being undercut or excluded.

  2. ikarustigger

    Anyways – Nextmove got a testride and experienced about 30kWh/100km. Others they met aks had between 29kWh and 31kWh. What a crap compared to Model X or S, which are similar spaced and need 20-23kWh/100km. I mean – the Model 3 has a trunkspace about 35% smaller but needs only about 15kWh/100km – even at 120kmh only 17-19kWh/100km.
    Audi needs 30kWh – WTF !?!?!

  3. Marc Nobel

    Its a normal procedure that there a embargos on press for new cars. They need to give a fair chance to all Journalist round the world (also bigger magazines ) otherwise the big guys will not put afford in making an article or Video (TV and Online) of it. Its not really about the car itself at this point (as it is already official released).

  4. Micke

    Only fake media allowed to post, real media are not allowed 🙂 Hang in there Bjørn, old dinosaurs are scared releasing that they have converted fossils not made a new pure EV…….

  5. Efe Efeoglu

    Audis website States a combined WLTP range of 366km (25,5kwh/100km), for the proline advanced and 414km for the standard version (seems to differ 100kg) between them and bigger rims. That means that the EPA range probably lands around 345-360km (215-220miles) for the later onr. That's really bad for a 95kwh battery pack and a lot more innefective than the model x. It's going to be really interesting to see your results Björn!

  6. nobody

    audi just suxxxx. i have an old Audi 5 banger. i love it. but in the electric times they've just lost their own slogan "vorsprung durch technik" . they sleept like all the germans…

  7. Max Félix

    All E-Tron reservation holders have to convert their reservation into an order before 28 February, otherwise the reservation will be canceled – maybe that's why they don't want you to post the videos before the 27th?

  8. dillerdaller1965

    Well, You could just buy it and tell whatever you like.
    I wonder if you're afraid it would be a bad investment, if you then tell the truth and it would make it harder to sell without a huge loss. That would also explain Audi AG strategy ?

  9. Alex Voigt

    To be clear I could test drive the e-tron myself today here in Munich at the Airport where they put the e-tron booth. If so why can't I publish the results which is almost like I won't be allowed to talk about it. What Marketing strategy is that? We show our product you can drive it but I cannot talk about it? Would that create any trust in the superiority of the product that they claim it has? Does that create credibility in the Audi brand and the e-tron?

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