Hyperkin HDMI Cable for SNES N64 and Gamecube Unboxing and Side by Side!

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Today we take a look at Hyperkin’s HDMI cable for the SNES, Nintendo 64, and Gamecube. Boxing and side by side gameplay recorded from an LCD TV to show the differences. It’s not as big a difference as you may expect, but it’s not disappointing. I make these videos so you can make up your own mind: Free of the hype. I hope it’s worth your time!

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42 Replies to “Hyperkin HDMI Cable for SNES N64 and Gamecube Unboxing and Side by Side!”

  1. TheMaverickk

    It's not really a "3 in 1" device so much as it's that the Super Nintendo, SNES, and N64 all used the same connector for their video signal. SO basically if it works for one, it works for all.

  2. JMFSpike

    Limited Run Games is currently selling these Hyperkin HDMI cables for everything from the 16bit consoles up to the Dreamcast and PS2. I don't know how the cables for all those other consoles fair, but this one is clearly garbage. Composite on a modern flat-screen should NEVER look better then HDMI, and that's exactly what I'm seeing here.

    This is sadly no surprise though. 3rd party brands such as Hyperkin and Retro-bit have always been extremely iffy. On rare occasions they will make a good product, but somewhere between 90-95% of their stuff is utter trash. You can almost always expect something of poor quality, and usually faulty as well. Most of their controllers have faulty D-pads for example. That's not usually something you'll notice while playing a side-scroller, but play any game with an overhead view (or anything with 4 or 8 directional movement) and you'll soon see the problem when pressing "down" causes you to move right.

  3. Donny Lurch

    I got one of these and it seems OK. I've only played Chibi-Robo for Gamecube with it so far, but I think it's better than it would be with AV on my 4K flat screen… I came here for side-by-sides to tell the difference, but it's hard to tell in the recordings. The game still looks good, but textures like the Skip logo are still blurry. I'm not sure if that just means the image file used is inherently compressed though.

  4. D W

    I did notice on the 64 when you were playing mario kart, that the hills in the background looked smoother around the edges with this cable, standard cable they were very jagged. I might try this out , to me i can see an improvement. My 64 looks garbage on my flat screen so ill take any little improvement i can get.

  5. ARandomMediaConsumer

    To be honest, your better off just getting an av to hdmi converter. It's probably cheaper, and you don't have to have washed out screens like the hyperkin cable. The one I use is the Old Skool converter. it has mixed reviews, but for my N64 it works great.
    I just wish hyperkin would actually make, well, you know, an improvement in the looks of the games. Looking at both, besides the obvious brighter color, they seemed very similar, almost too similar.

  6. KatDriv

    The only retro machines that can correctly receive the HDMI signal these days are neither more nor less the Super NT and The Super Megadrive ^^ completely redone and relooked, these consoles were both Remakées = improved, studied, and specially reconfigured to be able to display this signal without hindrance;) hence their prices … in reality having the HDMI is not given. Thank you 8bitdo and Analogue. Come on guys, you will only have to redo the N64 and it will be just perfect. 🙂

    Les seules machines rétro à pouvoir recevoir correctement le signal HDMI de nos jours ce ne sont ni plus ni moins la Super NT et La Super Megadrive ^^ refaites et relookés entièrement, ces consoles là ont étés toutes les deux Remakées = améliorées, étudiés, et reconfigurées spécialement pour pouvoir afficher sans encombre ce signal 😉 d’où leurs prix… en réalité avoir l'Hdmi n'est pas donné. Merci 8bitdo et Analogue. Allez les gars il ne vous plus que la N64 a refaire et ça sera juste parfait. 🙂

  7. KatDriv

    Composite … the lowest signal and more …. (limit acceptable to our eyes or buying a RGB cable (often) …) suddenly, the composite cable puts a serious slap in terms of display, especially in terms of colors (brighter in composite) … has this HDMI cable …. I can not even imagine an official RGB cable or see the famous YUV cable ….

    Yes it can't work these consoles are not made to be able to receive a better signal other than that of RGB …
    The top on these retro machines is for me, the YUV by far.
    In short, this HDMI cable is useless for any visual enhancement.
    It is a disappointment and clearly a bad idea to have thought about it.

    Le composite… le signal le plus bas en plus…. (limite acceptable pour nos yeux d'ou le faite d'acheter un câble RGB (souvent)…) pour le coup, le câble composite lui met une sérieuse claque en terme d'affichage, surtout au niveau des couleurs (plus vives en composite)… a ce câble HDMI…. je n'imagine même pas un câble RGB officiel ou voir le fameux câble YUV….

    Eh oui ça ne peut pas marcher ces consoles là ne sont pas faites pour pouvoir recevoir un meilleurs signal autre que celui du RGB…
    Le top sur ces machines rétro c'est pour moi, l'YUV de loin.
    En bref, ce câble HDMI ne sert à rien aucunes améliorations visuel.
    C'est une déception et clairement une mauvaise idée d'y avoir pensé.

  8. Retro Game Rarities

    Great comparison video! I'd have to agree with a few of the comments. I rock s-video on a CRT and it just blows these HDMI cables out of the water. However, the convenience for connecting to a flat panel when you don't have space for a CRT is legit. They'll keep refining the tech and it'll get to where it needs to be eventually. 👍

  9. v Bathory

    Hyperkin really missed the mark on these cables. Clearly they’re taking the composite or at best s-video signal from the console and covering it to hdmi. Everyone knows that an RGB signal will give you the best picture possible yet these cables aren’t using it.

  10. Frank D

    I've seen a few reviews and the general consensus is that the colors are washed out on this device. In general Hyperkin's color palettes seem to be a bit off when it comes to their HDMI cables and their consoles. Their shade of red, in particular is the really big issue.

    The one thing to note is that this isn't actually an upscaler. Rather it's just taking the signal and passing it through HDMI without doing anything like line doubling than an upscaler would do, so it's not going to make a huge improvement. For what it is, it's a cheap way to play these consoles on a tv that might not have AV in.

  11. KISSbestfan

    Well, N64 outputs only 240p, so not the best you can get from this machine. This is why Im the fan of N64 emulation, as the games look stunning in higher resolution.
    Same when Citra popped out. Its a much better experience than a low res 3DS. Not even mentioning PPSSPP, that is already a few years old.
    But ! If you'd ever get bored of upscaling the Nintendo consoles, you can always change the plug and upscale other systems !

    By the way, does this thing cooperates with HVC101 Family Computer ? This would be at least cool, having 8bits displayed at high resolution, altough famiclones with HDMI are already a thing since some time eh…

  12. Paul Pollington

    The best thing about this Hyperkin was the BOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, front, right, left, top, but not the bottom, as that was boring.
    Thanks Rob, for showing another un-boooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxing and slight magic, with the opening of the Boxxxxxxxxxxx.

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