Huawei's stunning Mate X shows up Samsung Galaxy Fold | Alphabet City

At Mobile World Congress, Huawei unveils a flexible phone design that makes the Fold look a little dumpy. Meanwhile, LG is introducing phones with their own weird gimmicks. All that, your comments and more on this episode of Alphabet City!

Huawei Mate X foldable phone with 5G first look

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34 Replies to “Huawei's stunning Mate X shows up Samsung Galaxy Fold | Alphabet City”

  1. briamegz

    So the cover is going to protect the back and sides but not the screen. And before Simone says that's what we have already I don't have a screen on both sides

  2. M Riss

    CNET, how about you do some real research into the IP theft and the intelligence battlespace going on with communist Chinese sponsored companies like Huawei and ZTE and others. To promote stolen technology over legitimately developed technology with hard won research dollars gotten through legitimately developed products, is unconscionable on your part! Try supporting liberty, truth and property rights and you'll actually be doing something valuable for this world instead of promoting Orwellian serfdom, lies/propaganda and government running every aspect of people's lives. You are aware of what China has been doing with its one-child policy, it's imprisoning of many of its own people for political reasons and is now doing with its social credit scoring system aren't you?

  3. James Joshua Escandor

    Re: YouTube 3:25

    There's also some issue on YouTube about the "Momo Challenge" that disguised as a child friendly videos on the video platform. There's some cases of children hurting themselves and threatened to kill their parents if they will not do the challenge.

    Parents, please guide your children on the videos they're watching on YouTube. The best thing you do is to have some quality time with them and stop giving them gadgets.

  4. HaNooo

    Foldable phones are for humans that can afford it. Superficiality and uotra-consumerism for all. The foldables are new technology for a choice few that want something new and want to show you they can afford it and/or have new technology. The desire to not carry a tablet, phone and laptop. Phones are big enough. They went from trying to be smaller and thinner and now it's screen size and battery mixed in with thinness. The key is a 6.4 inch display doesn't give you enough screen space. The key is about a 10 inch screen that's foldable, thin, light and has a long lasting battery with computing power. The phones are big enough, heavier and cost about 1000 dollars for a high end devices. That doesn't include insurance, your cell phone bill (cell phones usually require service…about 1,200 dollars a year), case and any other attachments that one buys. The profit margin is also growing. When or if foldable phones are widespread and perhaps 1,000 dollars…they could be a bargin replacing all three or two devices. When you buy a tablet and phone, they don't want you adding those two costs together. If a human spends 1,500 dollars on a tablet and phone, it's seen as fine but, if in one device, so expensive as a new technology.

  5. Chadason McGraw

    Yo, the Glaxy Fold is way better than Mate X… Huawei has a cheap looking, major middle crease. The Galaxy fold looks premium and honestly has the well put together type of feel…

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