Huawei Will Leave U.S.,'Won't Come Back' Over New Ban, Says Security Chief

May.20 — The U.S. has increased restrictions on the Chinese telecom giant Huawei, banning any chipmaker using American equipment from supplying gear to the company. Andy Purdy, Huawei chief of security, discusses the restrictions with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.”

44 Replies to “Huawei Will Leave U.S.,'Won't Come Back' Over New Ban, Says Security Chief”

  1. IAMCorung

    This man needs to get out right now if he is truly a patriot. This isn't going to blow over anytime soon and you need to choose sides. Got to be hot or cold on this one. He is putting himself in the position where he stands alone or with the commies. I myself would have to divest myself of them and find a new source of revenue. That t**s dry. No need to have your loyalties questioned.

  2. Joe Duke

    They bought twelve billion from the U.S.? I doubt that, they probably bought U.S. ‘based’ products through international subsidiaries and suppliers which the U.S never saw the benefit of. A lot of business is done outside the U.S., whether the IP holders are U.S. is immaterial. Take Google, when they sell search engine services, or Microsoft selling OS's to China… that money never comes to the U.S..

  3. Sauk Raya

    The loses will be more than chips sales. Basically no US product will be deemed secured and will be placed as unreliable secondary sources, must be able to be replaced with product from other countries. Not only by China, but by any independent country.

  4. Sk Tan

    If Huawei is a security risk, so are apple, intel, Cisco etc. The truth is USA is afraid of Huawei including the arrest of its CFO almost 2 years ago. USA please shows by example the rules of laws and not the misdeeds of a mafia nation.

    Huawei will lose a 340 million market but Apple n the rest will lose the 1.4 billion market. Let’s see in 3 years time if this is still arithmetically correct.

  5. Roman Legion

    So says a man that works for a company that is backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Huawei is a bad actor and cannot be trusted, China has made it's position clear about the United States. The United States and China are not friends and quite frankly, the United States has taken the back seat to China long enough. COVID-19 has proven that China and business and other agencies affiliated with the CCP cannot be trusted. Huawei, good luck your not trusted here and Europe is not looking kindly at you either.

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