Huawei’s Chairman says they do no harm to others. Also, Huawei confirmed that they’ll launch their foldable smartphone on February 24th.

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26 Replies to “Huawei – WE DO NO HARM TO OTHERS”

  1. NYJetzz

    At least the chinese Gov asks for the information, the NSA just Hacks us and takes our information without asking samsung, apple, LG, or sony…NSA just takes our information and stores it just in case they need to use it against us later on, watch Snowden's interviews..

  2. Gregory McGonagle

    What's the problem? China already knows all about us…We spend all our money on football, Viagra, Hair-growing tonic, plastic boobs and getting the fat sucked out of our ass. What's to steal??? We are tired of paying $1200.00 on iPhones that spy on us and the OS kills the phone in a year, so we go back and buy a new one. Besides Huawei, unlike Apple, already agreed to pay USA Duty Tax.

  3. ckael

    The only foldable smartphone to buy is from Samsung.

    The rest just stole from Samsung. Samsung has been researching and perfecting the foldable display for a decade or more and now finally selling it. Suddenly now the chinese companies can make foldable smartphone in 1 year without spending on R&D?

    Samsung is the best and i trust.

  4. Crispy Crystals

    I rather have the Chinese gov have my information than the bastard US/Israeli/western governments. All smartphones have back doors. Might as well piss off your evil gov and go with the foreign phone that they cannot tap into.

  5. alejo_de_ale

    Why even care? What kinds of "intelligence" would the chinese goverment gain if they did that? Who whatche's hentai? How many boyfriends does yenny has? Come on man, fuck off.
    And people still believes the words of that orange man that doesn't even believe in climate change.

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