Huawei Watch GT Hands-On

Huawei is joining the fray with the Watch GT, a familiar-looking smartwatch that, for some inexplicable reason, relies on a proprietary operating system instead of Wear OS. The company is making bold claims about the Watch GT’s 30-day battery life while emphasizing the device’s sports-tracking prowess. Given how much we liked Huawei’s previous watches, I was excited by its latest attempt. But based on my time with an early unit, I’m not sure the new smartwatch will stand out in this year’s crowded wearables space.

Update 10/22/2018: Huawei followed up after this video was posted to say that the watch is running on software that isn’t final

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39 Replies to “Huawei Watch GT Hands-On”

  1. Bashar Albadri

    This os once evolved would be the best operating system for smart watches this watch is great two weeks and still %35 of battery not lagging at all and does what would be expected from a smart watch. I love it and highly recommend it .

  2. Jaroslav Udič

    Huawei Watch GT… Najdebilnejšie hodinky. Objednal som si ich z Orange. Už mi neukazujú, kto volá a hlavne, že mi neukazujú, ak ich mám položené na stole. To znamená, že ak mám mobil v bunde a nemám hodinky na ruke, tak ani neviem, že niekto volá. Musím pozrieť na mobil. Tak načo mi sú? … Lebo majú dlhú výdrž batérie… Super. Mám ich teda vypnuté a nenosím ich… Viete, ako mi potom dlho vydržia? Aj viac ako 3.587 dní. Paráda! 🙂

  3. Clarence Estrella

    Just wanna say. Just had the watch now and it focuses on your fitness. A little lag but not so much that you will get irritated. The design of the exterior for me is a good one. A lot of fitness program and it is water resistant. Not for people who like their watch to be like phones. Really focuses on the well being but have a sideline of being a smartwatch. The battery is the deal here if you are really active.

  4. Aslam Moolla

    Why did Huawei make their own OS and chipset? Simple, cause the currently WearOS coupled with the W2100 chipset has terrible battery life. No ways will you get 2 weeks usage with them. Maybe it's time for Samsung to sell their OS and chipset to third parties?

  5. Putrifying Eagor

    I’d rather this than my Apple Watch that 9 times out of ten stays home on the table due to having a flat fucking battery!! Kudos to Huawei for putting battery life as a priority! This means it would get worn, not be a stupid ornament like my watch!

  6. craig woodgate

    I have had a smart watch that runs on wear os and I found it to be laggy I have recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy watch 2018 one and so far no problems at all I know other people have had problems with there watch but I’m quite happy with my watch

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