Huawei v Washington: Chinese tech giant sues US govt

The Chinese electronics giant Huawei has filed a lawsuit against the United States government, challenging Washington’s decision to ban federal agencies from using its products.



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32 Replies to “Huawei v Washington: Chinese tech giant sues US govt”

  1. Philip Dawes

    One has to wonder at the sanity level of U.S. officials when they make such enormously unfounded accusations against overseas businesses and countries. After all, America is a fraudster nation first and foremost, enacting laws to protect their criminality. The recent accusations and spats is because America is bankrupt, and very quickly falling into a gargantuan quagmire of its own creation, from which it will not be able to extricate itself.

  2. Jack Lee

    US unable to provide any evidence on claims made against Huawei and yet threatens to punish other countries wising to use Huawei products. What's becoming of this greatest bully on Earth?

  3. Law C.W.

    The Snowden files: lookup Shotgiant… It was is the Americans program to hack into Huawei and secretly install a NSA backdoor. Huawei shut that down and therefore is viewed as the enemy. If everyone uses Huawei, how can the US spy the world?

  4. Senkeo Lee

    The thick-skinned US never stops making all sorts of unfounded funny accusations against China in order to contain its rise, period! That's their malicious motive! Yep, it should have started feeling ashamed of its falling infrastructure, bumpy roads with innumerable potholes, it's violent societies and to name others not being named here… Stop making up "convincing" stories to bash China, for God's sake! Oh yes, with the national debt of 22 trillion dollars, just how much longer can it still be the world's number one??? Oops, also, how can it maintain thousands of its overseas military bases with "the scary advanced weaponry" once the petrodollar no longer exists!!!??? Jeez, the US just can't hold a candle to China and just can't see the forest for the trees – simply a babyish whiner and a sore loser, which makes every American so ashamed! Donald Trump – the international laughing stock – the superpower's president!? OMG! That's "incredible", isn't it!!!

  5. Miya Z

    This lawsuit is not about won. It is about defending the company's reputation in the whole world. I bet US gov never thought that Huawei would actually speak out and against the US gov. Trump administration definitely believes that even they HAVE NOT found any pieces of evidence about Huawei is a spy of Chinese gov or whatever. But Huawei must have done something, in which case, the company won't dare to put everything under the spotlight. Great strategy but SORRY, WON'T WORK THIS TIME. 🙂 (Don't tell me that Chinese government not allow Google into the country or whatever; at least, Chinese gov never tried to tell any other country that they should ban google or facebook because US gov is using these companies to spy on other countries (which is what they are actually doing :))))

  6. Jj W

    So US hacked their servers, and stole Huawei’s source code. They patched the loophole, now America banned them for ‘spying’ wth fabricated evidence.

    Sounds like when the US used their fear tactics, and fabricated fake weapons of mass destruction to take over another country for their oil in the past.

  7. astt99

    I don't think HW can win the case. The rule of law does not apply in this case. Nevertheless, for HW, this is the most effective ad campaign with minimum cost. What more can you ask if the president of America volounteer to be your no.1 saleman?

  8. John B

    Just a second, I'am Canadian, and everyone knows, We are a Country of laws, even if it's, US. Laws. They own us, just like they (think) they own Venezuela and the rest of ya'all. Trudeau could become Guaido , don't ya know.

  9. ben h

    US government's accusation of Haiwei stealing IP from T mobile,its "competitor" is missleading.
    T Mobile is a network carrier and cellphone retailer. It Huawei's client.
    T mobilebhas nothing to compete with Huawei.

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