Huawei sues US over seized equipment

Huawei has filed a new lawsuit against the U.S. government on Friday for seizing the Chinese tech giant’s equipment. Meanwhile, the Trump administration could soon require all 5G equipment to be manufactured outside of China. RT America’s Rachel Blevins reports. #RTAmerica #InQuestionRT #QuestionMore

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44 Replies to “Huawei sues US over seized equipment”

  1. Meng Zhang

    Now build new laws, for officially using Huawai's patterns for free. USA is more shameless than I can image.  Now I know how the country keep the leadship for the last past 120 years 🙂

  2. Bay Bye

    the USA does not control the internet..they might think they do but they don't…. USA is only destroying its own tech companies as a lot now have to pay to use Huawei's patents

  3. Kaloian Mitrev

    A country made by the criminals( abandoning Europe) for the criminal to be free to steal, lie, murder and wage death around the world, weird is that Americans dream… If that is the freedom they speak of we are better of baring them out of our countries and industries

  4. hoonsiew yeo

    1) This nation boasts of its lunaticism of freedom liberty and democracy and human rights, humanitarian – all these enclosed in attire of hypocrisy and countenance of hate, envy, jealousy, bitterness and restlessness.
    2) presently, AMERICA justice is politically controlled and motivated for national interest and security – don't rely confidently on American justice.
    This nation is very much filled of skunks scoundrels leeches – the excrete of the earth!!

  5. David Henderson

    You may say I a crazy but at this rate it very well could end up with some blood shed. People have been hurt or killed for far less money that we are talking about here. Do not laugh, this could end up in a shooting war. This kind of thing with Japan is what got them into WWII.

  6. Tito Ortizz

    You know why I hate people like you all… you are dumb enough to believe anything if it fits your pre conceived notions. Every country does what your blaming the US for. But you only seem to notice when someone you don't like does it. But hey keep being little sheep and thinking you're righteous!

  7. Andre Thorpe

    Even Canada a longtime ally of the USA was treated as a SECURITY RISK and tariffs applied, additionally we got strongarmed on the NAFTA 2.O NEGOTIATIONS… So Huawei should not feel too back, from the perspective of Canadians… Who worries about enemies when you have friends like that.

  8. Jason

    U.S has been stealing everything from the world for decades. Slaves from Africa, brain drains from canada and the world, nukes tech from Germany and i can go on.

  9. Elis Novat

    Don't be shocked, the USA has done this for a long time and then claimed to be the inventors.
    1. The USA stole Germany engineer Karl Benz's automobile, and then made a US version and then declared to American citizens that America invented the automobile.
    2. The USA stole Russian space inventions (Proton rockets, space shuttle, robotic rover, satellite, space station) and instead implies to it's own citizens that these were inventions of NASA and that NASA invented space exploration.

    3. The USA stole the light bulb from Europe, electric filament light bulbs already existed in Europe and were invented there. The USA tells it's own people that Edison invented the light bulb.
    4. The USA stole the work from Nikola Tesla of the AC electricity grid system, and then also implies to American citizens that this was invented by Edison.
    5. The USA stole Japanese engineer Kenjiro Takayanagi's electric television, then the USA released it's own electric television the following year and claim that Philo Farnsworth invented the electric television.
    6. The USA implies to it's citizens that hot dogs and hamburgers are American inventions, yet these are European and were merely brought over by German immigrants to America.
    7. The USA stole the aeroplane from Europe and then made a record flight distance and then claimed that the USA invented the aeroplane based on that.
    8. The USA claim to have invented many things, yet 95% of them are stolen.

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