Huawei P40 Pro Plus: A Nokia Lumia For 2020 [Camera Tour]

It sounds strange but, just go with me for a second: the key to understanding the Huawei P40 Pro+ … is looking back at a Nokia phone from seven years ago.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 was a revolutionary re-imagining of what a cameraphone could be. In a time when most phone cameras topped out at 12 or 16 megapixels, it brought a monster 41-megapixel sensor that let you crop zoom without the quality loss of those smaller cameras … and it mounted the whole thing on a bed of ball bearings for optical stabilization. In 2013 this was incredible stuff, especially for the (in retrospect, reasonable) price of $649. So why didn’t Nokia run away with the market? Well mainly because it ran a platform called Windows Phone. A platform that failed largely because it just didn’t have the apps people were looking for.

Over the past few years, Huawei has kind of stepped into Nokia’s old spot in the smartphone photography space, by recruiting some of the imaging pioneers from Nokia … by partnering with famed photography brand Leica … and by applying good old-fashioned R&D to produce some stunning phone cameras. The Huawei P40 Pro Plus is the latest evolution of that legacy – so I took it on a road trip from Brooklyn to the boonies … and along the way, this collection of cameras captured my heart. But unless you’re a phone-tweaking geek like me, you’ll probably find that no optical achievement is worth the compromises this phone carries. To see why, join me for MrMobile’s Huawei P40 Pro Plus camera review!



MrMobile’s Huawei P40 Pro+ / P40 Pro Plus Camera Tour video was produced following five days with a Huawei P40 Pro Plus review sample provided by Huawei. Pre-production sample running pre-release software. Device received one software update 20 hours before publication. No company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage, nor did any company preview or approve this content before publication.


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33 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro Plus: A Nokia Lumia For 2020 [Camera Tour]”

  1. Szymon Himself

    If you are thinking about buying it but the app situation scares you, don't worry. Almost every app you need can be downloaded through either AppGalery or Petal Search. The only problems I ran into are:

    -Bank apps: I needed to clone mine from another Android phone, but after that it works great, even contactless payments work
    -Google Maps: can't log in, but otherwise works great
    -YouTube: I use YouTube Vanced and it works great
    -Uber: I have to use this one in the browser 🙁

    Other than these 4, every other app I tried works seamlessly on my Mate 30 Pro.

  2. S I R E

    I disagree.

    NOTHING comes even close to the character and personality that the NOKIA Lumia carried 1020 no matter how you put it.

    If you mean the lack of apps and the handicap that comes with it, I might just consider your point but that is fairly easily remedied for most enthusiasts.

    The crisp and precise design no matter how much it dug into your palm was still a bold statement that could actually ask a premium as it actually had the prospect of art and emotion to it that nearly all the modern devices lack yet ask for prices so unjust and cruel that one might not even feel the excitement of getting a new phone simply because the company just charged you so much that your wallet is left useless.

    No modern device so far has moved my emotions as much as the Lumia under the original NOKIA did. I understand why it failed but I also feel that it never got a fair chance, even from the enthusiast group.

    I am still saving up to have the Lumia 930, 1020 and 1520 just for their bold and crisp statement.

  3. Abhinav Khetarpal

    Started watching your videos recently. And I've only commented on a youtube video a handful of times, but man! Your work is great. The videos are not just incredibly informative, but they have character. Makes me want to listen to what you have to say. I've already watched most of your stuff. And with me, that's the highest compliment I can pay you. More power to you. 🙂

  4. 848 W6sq3

    No got it Microsoft bullies , Microsoft bullies , not about innovation, got it Microsoft bullies, don't care Microsoft on Chinese phones , Microsoft incompetent gave up after desktops, Microsoft bullies, bizzare , got it Microsoft bullies, terrible video

  5. sultanabran1

    finally, a reviewer that can see why huawei phones take the best photos. pixel, samsung and iphone 'may' perform better in that list of terminology that means little, but huawei with Leica software makes photos look like a Leica photo. unless you actually know what you're talking about, which all but Mr Mobile don't, you won't even notice. so it's great to finally find a reviewer who realises huawei phones have been taking superior photos since the p9

  6. Controversy

    For some reason I am unable to view this video. In fact, I can’t see ANY YouTube videos on Huawei P40 Pro. They’re all blocked. Even with VPN. And I’m in the US. So I ask, are there any other US viewers experiencing the same problem? I don’t want to be cynical but something fishy is going on at Google. This is crazy. Please let me know….anyone!!!

  7. E2G

    Mr. Mobile would make a perfect KIT if they ever want to do a better "Knight Rider" reboot. Actually, he would make a great Michael Knight as well! Haha.

  8. Mike Lyons

    There really is no problem getting apps. There is now an app on Huawi devices called petal search. Eveen pople with no technical knowhow and limited IQ can asily fill their device with every app they need. It is also easy to side load all of Google apps and playstore. I would suggest that the p40 pro is a beater deal than the p40 pro plus. It only has 5 x telephoto camera at twelve mega pixals, but all else is absolutely the same. It is also 500 bucks cheeaper.

  9. Martin Vesiaid Nilsson

    I've said it before, it's all about your region. I probably would miss Google's apps of I upgrade my P20 Pro, but Huawei has made a push to keep its market here in Sweden. The two apps which you could easily label "most essential" for Huawei to have, has been added their app store. And they are marketing this quite heavily. So compared to the U.S, they are at least a good second option here. Cameras might be a good enough reason to give up Play Services and live with Webb apps.

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