Huawei P40 Pro 2 WEEKS Later! I've Changed My Mind… | The Tech Chap

AD – After 2 weeks with the Huawei P40 Pro – what’s it been like to use everyday? From the design, app store, cameras and my favourite features – here’s my experience so far! For handy hints & tips head over to the Huawei Community:

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This video is made in partnership with Huawei.

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24 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro 2 WEEKS Later! I've Changed My Mind… | The Tech Chap”

  1. Marcos Morales

    I went to a Huawei store a couple of days ago and the guy there said p40 is not compatible with Chrome Cast. I still have a non smart TV and not planning to buy a new one. Do you know something about it?

  2. Mark Li

    The huawei p40 pro is a great phone, you had an intelligent thing like that and you had a magnet and hold it up, then you have your hand on it, this is very intelligent, this is a phone you should not buy due to its 5g which can’t work in USA, but 4g could work, but it is slightly slower, 5g is hard to use, get this phone if you know how to use 5g and if you are a premium user, now!

  3. gtm559

    I had p30 and after fall, ended. I went to the shop they tried hard to sell me Samsung, apple, xiaomi. I bought the p40. In 20 min I have my apps, YouTube on screen shortcut. I am very happy. I love it

  4. crimsonmika

    I've had one since April 2020. I live in Ireland and no banking apps work, the COVID app doesn't work, every app that I used previously with my old android does not work. I have a screen protector and a strong rubber case, I dropped it from about 12 inches and it cracked right across the screen, I dropped it a 2nd time and it rendered it useless, it cost me 350.00 for repair. I do not recommend this phone if you want a good camera? The get a good SLR for half the price. It's the most app unfriendly and fragile/brittle
    mobile phone on the market…

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