Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test, Battery, Speakers & Cameras!

Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test, Battery Life, Speakers, Cameras and more!

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Test covers boot up, specs, games (Fortnite, PUBG) and apps opening, Chrome, benchmarks (Geekbench), face unlock vs Face ID, fingerprint vs face unlock, multitasking, front selfie camera, rear camera (zoom), camera speed, and more!

Cloudy by KODOMOi
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46 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test, Battery, Speakers & Cameras!”

  1. Haffi Hussain

    I am iphone user from iphone 3gs until iphone xs max, now I change to p30 pro, took almost 1 week to familiarize android BUT it worth it. I hate iphone now bcos only a rain splash damage my phone face detactaction and apple refuse and void my warranty.

  2. Yanis Okamisensei

    I was tented to take that Huawei P30 Pro during some time. But I see that its not really a big improvement compared to the Mate 20 Pro…. (Actually the Mate 20 Pro seem to be better overall) So I guess Im gonna take the Mate 30 Pro

  3. Alec Miele

    If people cannot see the obvious and very terrible stuttering on the Huawei video then I don't know if there is hope for this world. The app opening was actually very interesting though especially considering the benchmark.

  4. Man Mason

    I've been telling people that Huawei is making moves for years. I read a few years ago about the progression and growth that is being put into Huawei and knew they were going to surpass the whole Samsung vs iPhone BS, check back in with me in a couple years if you don't believe me lol there will be no question.

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