Huawei P30: Long-term Review 45- days later

Huawei P30 is the small sibling to the P30 Pro, but it isn’t a slouch. As we take a look at the device in this 30-day review. IF you are interested in a comparison with the Galaxy S10e, leave a comment below.

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43 Replies to “Huawei P30: Long-term Review 45- days later”

  1. florin

    Just one week with my P30 upgraded from P20. Indeed it is faster, no issues except that for several nights battery depleted completely over night, then the last 2 nights only 5 or 6%. I could not explain what was the issues as i did not changed anything in settings or apps.

  2. Robak Chrobak

    I like it so much, great photos and videos, great battery, nice size (could be a little bit smaller for me and curved on the back and sides like pro, which upgrades the handling). Im dissapointed at two things, probably by the comparision with my old HTC 10. First is the speaker, which sounds really nice and loud, but..
    why no stereo? Such a shame. Second thing that im dissapointed at much more is the screen. The colors and sharpness just sucks for me, while comparing to my HTC 10 with super lcd and little bit higher resolution. It looks grainy, i like much better more soft looking screens. Dont understand the hype for amoleds, its tiring for my eyes to keep looking to this screen longer :f maybe the cause is screen protector basically putted on, but i dont think so.

    Edit : The audio not sucks that much, this one speaker sounds good enoguh and its very loud, only weak higher lvl of loudness is problem on headphones. It can be solved by some audio app i think.

  3. Khải Phạm Bá

    This guy is completely correct. I have had a P30 since 1st of July 2019, so for me it has also been over a month.
    The good: FLAT SCREEN, size is just enough (I hate big ass phone), battery on 2-3 days, the design is great, response time and multi-tasking are very fast, camera produces sharp and detailed pictures, etc.
    The bad: Indeed the fingerprint sensor is a bit lag, EMUI takes some time to learn (It's a shame that it does not have the option to automatically cluster icons together), IP53 is a huge drawback (this guy forgot to mention. It should have been IP68 to be a true 'flagship').
    Overall, my impression is that this is a very good phone. For everyday use, it's flawless. Very powerful. I would also recommend people to buy it.

  4. tehblizz

    found it for 350€, right now I'm using a Samsung S8. Is it worth it to change or should I hold onto the S8 for a little while longer? Will I notice a big difference?

  5. Szacallpl Yt

    I was too not happy with the fingerprint, but by accident I removed the face unlocking and the fingerprint reader start to work in 99%,much much better so try to this and let me know if it helped you to 👍

  6. Jennifer He

    Where can I get the official charger? Don't think Amazon has one that charges as fast as the original. And I'm using the phone the whole day, it still requires 2 full charges T.T thought the battery would be better.

  7. Khải Phạm Bá

    Clearly everybody can see that the best competitor of P30 is the S10e, not S10. We are talking about the price here. And beside, they are both flat screen in their own series.
    I have had difficulties trying to choose 1 flagship for my own.
    P30 is powerful with its chip and cameras, but its resistence is only IP53, and it is being gangbanged by the US right now.
    S10e has the best design (compact, IP68), but if we are not talking about North America, the Exynos is garbage.
    Really hard choice.

  8. maroecos

    When it comes to fingerprint sensor , I ad the same finger 3 times , in different angles. Works great and it recognizes everytime.

    Nova launcher is the way to go with the huawei gesture. Works like a dream. Like always , Great video!

  9. KevinYu0504

    I am using my P30 for a month , it is great and fast , and very good battery life .
    However the only thing i worry about , is Google follow US government require , ban all Google's services .

    Even Google promise won't affect the current Huawei devices ,
    but still don't know in the future ,the Huawei devices can receive the Google system upgrade or security patch or not ,
    and that is very important for me .

    I really hope US government's ban require is just temporary ,
    both side can sit down and communicate well to win both sides.


    I can't comment on who is right and who is wrong.
    But I only hope that the United States will not do it for its own benefit.
    Sacrifice the rights of Huawei users all over the world.

  10. Valentine Beats

    Hi, thanks for the review. Could you say something about the vibration motor? Most of the time my phone is in silent mode and with the Mi 9 SE I didn't even notice a call while it was in my pocket, because it was so weak. Thats why I had to return the phone. Is that better with the P30? Thanks in advance

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