Huawei P20 Pro | Still great in 2019?

Our long term review of Huawei’s brilliant P20 Pro shows how this tri-camera smartphone has aged over in 2019 – months after the Mate 20 Pro’s launch, is the P20 still worth picking up? Well, I’ve been using Huawei’s flagship mobile full-time again to see if I still love it, ahead of the EMUI 9 update and the imminent UK release of the P30 Pro.

First up, that camera tech hasn’t aged at all. Besides the shonky image stabilisation at 4K level, the P20 Pro still captures incredible-looking results. Night snaps are of course its highlight, but this phone is a wonder for parents too.

Performance and battery life haven’t suffered in the long term either. A full year on, Huawei’s Kirin 970 chipset still does the job, helped by GPU Turbo for PubG Mobile. And while we’re still waiting on Huawei’s latest Emotion UI update, the P20 Pro offers a feature-packed experience.

Check out my review to see what I think of Huawei’s flagship in 2019, and stay tuned for my full coverage of the P30 smartphones!

34 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro | Still great in 2019?”

  1. T0n3zon3

    What screen protector do you have fitted? Nearly ever one I have tried ends up with grey edges where the it fails to stick. Loving my P20 Pro, I have migrated from Samsung after many years and not regretting it.

  2. Pishi A

    USA, I have Pie for about a month now. Really love my P20 Pro, it remains among the king of camera, rivaled only by its close cousin the Mate 20. The primary sensor might even be a little better!

  3. Scott Edwards

    i have had this phone since July last year, and im onto my 2nd one already as the first one just kept freezing randomly, the camera is the only good thing about this phone, the lag is so bad when on the likes of Twitter, insta etc, it wont connect to my wifi at home sometimes, its actually better on 4g, my wife and daughters have iPhones and there BF's have samsung and one plus 6 and these phones by far out perform the Huawei P20 Pro. this is probably the worst smart phone that i have ever had, i currently have an iPhone 6 for work, which has so much more performance in it, and that phone is like 3 years old. In my opinion this phone should be priced at the budget market as its not good and prone to freezing up.

  4. Joe Margetts

    I love my P20 Pro. But I never have that many apps open. Camera (Leica) is ok but if I want to take real photos I use my Nikon’s. P20 Pro photos are not as good as my previous Samsung Galaxy S7. So unless I have not worked the camera out it is not as good as it is cracked up to be. Might be me though…

  5. aLca

    Got mine 2 Weeks ago, ZERO Regrets, as i just payd 566€. 🙂

    For the UK Guys: Rebrand ur Phone(s) to some different Country Code. Like UK -> Germany, or NL. U guys might get faster Updates.

    Greets from Germany. 😛

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