Huawei P20 Pro review: Huawei’s most ambitious phone yet

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42 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro review: Huawei’s most ambitious phone yet”

  1. FreedomNews

    what a bunch of spoiled cunts we have all become….all of these videos should be just a loop of holy shit holy fuck omg omg. Its was just a few short years ago we rocked the motorola star tac playing snake like addicts. Just the wide range of things that come out a mindblowlingly small package for a laughable price. wtf is 1000$ nowadays? not even a nice tv or a decent patio set……just my two pennies.

  2. Hells Gate

    I liked Huawei phones, had a Mate 9 for a year and loved it. Bought a P20 pro, and took it back within a week. Glitchy and not any better than the Mate 9. So I bought a S9+. And alot happier with the S9+. Yes more expensive but well worth it. The cam on the S9+ is good enough for me.

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