Huawei P10 Lite Review

This year, Huawei is aiming to entice budget-conscious consumers with the P10 Lite. To do that, the China-based manufacturer has chosen to equip the P10 Lite with a mid-range processor and a single 12MP shooter at the back, thus slashing the price to around $350…

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29 Replies to “Huawei P10 Lite Review”

  1. s n e a k y

    I have an iphone 4s. It gets the work done? But on snapchat, simple games like: "Color Switch, Clash royale and etc" it lags. Should i get an upgrade? Right now the huawei only costs 127 dollars with a subscription on 22 dollars per month? Is it worth it :0

  2. LDazz

    im looking to buy this for my younger brother no not 12 or 16 its a tradition i have the p10 so hes gonna get the lite last year i had a 7 plus and he had a six(iphone)

  3. roberthouweling

    Ik chose the P10 liter as replaycement for my onder phone, the Galaxy S6.
    The Huawei is a lot cheaper and performer well. IT does wat i want and delivers good quality. Besides that, the screen (fhd), of the Huawei is a lot more solide compareerde with the Galaxy. (The Galaxy screenshot are sorry fragiele).
    Grtz. Rob

  4. Ian Dropsyface

    I bought it to for £199 on offer and now it's back at £279. Very pleased with it. I had the P9 lite but the 16gb memory is not enough whereas this has 32. Any phone manufacturer making phones with 16 GB today should be executed. The phone is near perfect well done hauwei

  5. Andrew Ace

    The only thing that bugs me Is that you can't simultaneously use camera, and flash light. Aside from that it's great. It even has an option for default and drawer style home page, and comes included with an app locker which can be bypassed with your finger print. Plus it looks and feels great…

  6. Saad Javed

    Can I somehow enable beauty mode for the front camera?
    My face is looks too blemishes when I am using a video call on Skype, Viber, Messenger and I hate that, so if yoy knows how can I enable it that'd be awesome!
    My cellphone is p10 lite

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