Huawei Mate X First Look: The Future is Foldable

This is our first look at Huawei’s foldable 5G phone, the Mate X announced just days after Samsung also unveiled their Galaxy Fold.

We’ve always known foldable phones would one day become a reality, and that time has finally come. Here at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Huawei is taking the smartphone world’s largest stage to unveil their upcoming foldable flagship, the Mate X.

This 5G phone transforms from a 6.6 inch dual-display smartphone into a 8 inch tablet. And we got to see it up close and personal. Here’s an early first look!

UPDATE: The phone is scheduled for a mid-2019 release at a projected retail price of €2290.

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Special thanks to The Tech Chap for helping make this video possible. Watch his hands-on here


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20 Replies to “Huawei Mate X First Look: The Future is Foldable”

  1. Warwick Dillon

    What with the Samsung Price as High as it is, This Model if Less Expensive Enough?, Could Under Cut Samsung Sales ( Like Samsung Did with the iPhone ). However The Only Trade off is Huawei are Apparently Suspect with International Spying Claim, However soon Enough Most Brands will Probably Start Knocking them Off with their on Foldable Tec. As for Here In Australia Huawei is a Banned & the Samsung is Much to Expensive for Most for the Time Being. So I've Not Much Choice to Hold Out till a 3rd manufacture Goes Foldable, Say OPPO.

  2. Jimmy Yim

    【華為Mate X】Samsung摺芒技術被偷? 賣畀中國公司獲利$1億

    三星(SAMSUNG)Galaxy Fold摺芒手機近日曝光,將智能手機推向新里程。華為也不甘落後,今日發佈了新款摺芒機Mate X,看起來比三星的更薄,宣傳更聲稱「世界上最快的5G摺芒機」。國產手機緊貼三星陸續推出,但去年11月,南韓爆出了一單官司,水源檢察署起訴11名被指向中國洩露三星OLED摺芒技術的工作人員,意味中國取得OLED技術並不「單純」。




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