36 Replies to “Huawei Mate 20 Pro: The best phone you shouldn’t buy”

  1. Kayde K

    So the phones great but you won’t wanna buy one because it’s not in the US? As an Englishman watching this, obviously doesn’t apply to me so I wasted my time, thought there was a fault with the phone or something ?

  2. William Noah

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  3. jehhova

    not surprising you dont recommend this phone. your information is wrong and a quick 20 second google would tell you that literally every major reviewer says this phone is worth having. please do some research and get your facts correct, thanks.

  4. Don Bowen

    Yes, the phones work just fine in the U.S.. These days, pretty much any international phone will work on U.S. cell networks as long as they are GSM. That means no Verizon or Sprint.

  5. J.P. Larson

    Save yourself from wasting 6 minutes of your life. The only reason you shouldnt buy is because if u live in the USA, you dont know what network speeds it will have since there is only an international version. The rest of the video is just good things about the phone, though he says incorrect specs many times. The negative part starts at 5:24. Pointless video imo

  6. claudiu ilie

    80% of reviewers agreed that this is the best phone of 2018, this guy has absolutely no idea what this phone can do, because he's never used it… Btw he is the worst reviewer on youtube, how can he work for pcworld?

  7. J B

    It isn't just the US that is blocking Chinese electronics companies access to the market. Most Western companies wont allow them into the 5G network because of the way they have operated in the past. I know they believe they can hack every company on the planet, steal everything, clone it and no one will care. It's time to say enough is enough. Invest in your own R&D and I will consider buying your product. Until then they need to be shut out of every country they have robbed.

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