Huawei Mate 20 Pro hands-on: It’s a beast!

I honestly can’t remember the last time that I was truly impressed by a presentation. For those of you who claim that smartphones have gotten boring, this one is Not. Huawei claims the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro are here to be a welcome you into higher intelligence, and we’ll have a good review period to prove that.


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39 Replies to “Huawei Mate 20 Pro hands-on: It’s a beast!”

  1. Andrew Hartawan Wijaya

    I was wondering if the private space can install the same app as on the normal space with different configuration? Let’s say in my country one mobile banking app is attached to one phone number. Can the app on then private space connect to the second phone number? Anybody has any experience please help me out. Because i want to switch from my iphone X if this is possible. Thanks alot peeps!

  2. Dominic Alberts

    omg if i hear another person complaining about notches. lol. get over it, or dont buy the phone. done. this notch is okay because it serves a purpose? haha. what a joke. the point of the notch has always been for for housing what ever sensors and cameras needed. so all notches serve a purpose. you think they put it on because people like it? come on.

  3. Juan Carlos Lopez

    I see besides the camera, a trash phone…. fingerprint sensor on screen failing??? Wtf!!
    Face recognition is a lame version of face id, sharing battery????….yeaaaah right!!!… nobody will do that, just the few times to get fancy with that feature 🙄
    Screen looks….ok
    Cost $1000…..for a phone that will get updates with lucky for 2 years???….no thank you.
    Don't even wanted to mention the watch….but why was so laggy???…
    Trash Chinese devices.

  4. syarkey shah

    I have buy mate 20 its superb for gaming the screen size work perfectly, i sell my pocophone and its wort it 👌😍 gaming player dont need mate 20 pro hehe play mobile lagend(fanny cble smooth) and PUBG with superb graphic 😎 gud job HUAWEI keep it up

  5. David Rai

    It's awesome it's a dinamid dudes, I phone. Is nothing front of this mobile……they are just taking money from us but not giving good features…but mate 20 it's really good

  6. Olivier Bontemps

    hi guys, is there a way to remote the camera click on the mate as the note 9 can be done with the pen?
    Im still choosing between these 2 phones to buy.
    the gt watch of huawei cannot act as a remote for camera sadly 🙁

  7. Lawbringer

    I just bought the mate 20 Pro and I'm in the market for a smartwatch. I'm considering the Samsung galaxy watch, are there any compatibility issues between the two? Huawei watch feels too laggy in all the videos I have watched

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