Huawei Mate 20 & Mate 20 Pro Hands-On

Over the past few months, all major smartphone manufacturers have laid down their last hands and stepped away from the table for the rest of the year. Apart from Huawei, that is, which — as usual — is getting the last word in by spilling the beans on the new Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro today. Historically, the Mate series was intended as direct competition to Samsung’s Note family, but these days it’s more like Huawei’s fall flagships, filling in the gaps between the spring, P family launches. It’s no great revelation, then, that the Mate 20 Pro features the high-end camera system Huawei’s become known for. Beyond that, though, the company’s crammed all the best smartphone tech it could into the Mate 20 Pro, including special charging features you can’t find anywhere else.

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26 Replies to “Huawei Mate 20 & Mate 20 Pro Hands-On”

  1. Anirban Chakraborty

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  2. LiveLoveLaugh.

    I don't know whether this is a stupid question or not, but i do see some Mate P20 Pro with a round shaped object at the bottom of the camera. Some has it some don't… can someone please advice? Thanks !

  3. Vincent liu

    Dear all

    As previous Huawei employee, who worked there for 10 years, I am touched. you guys are honest about this product from the consumer perspective.
    American government block Huawei in the past not because of Apple but Cisco, the ex-Cisco CEO chambers claimed Huawei is their biggest competitor back in 2007.
    However, Huawei starts serious about consumer product around 4 years only, and everybody able to see the progress and I highly appreciate you guys acknowledgment.

    if you look at Huawei Matebook X pro laptop, you will start to wonder what Dell doing out there, what HP doing out there as a legendary giant, now US government have a stronger reason to resist Huawei outside of US because Huawei will impact a lot of US tech giant business like Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HPE, Oracle, Apple.

    The security concern without ANY solid evidence after years inspection of American technical expert, especially full-length Huawei telco product commercial deployed at Europe more than 10 years with continued market share growth after security concern test.

    Look at Edward Snowden, and facebook issues, Huawei actually begging such evidence on the table to kill its own global business.

    The simple rule is if you not able to compete with product or price then you able to use tax or political approach to protect yourself.

    The product development and innovation management plus attitude are really comparable with other business segments,  most people don't understand why Huawei able to grow 15% a year averagely in last decade close to 100 billion USD at 2017, the Mate 20 Pro able to identify as a reflection of this company product offering.

    The simple way is getting better from all possible aspects every time.

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