Huawei Mate 10 Pro review

Huawei has had a rocky start to 2018, losing its deal with AT&T and getting heat from the US government. Its flagship Mate 10 Pro is finally available to purchase in the US, but is it something anyone should spend $800 on over a Pixel, Samsung, or iPhone? Subscribe:

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25 Replies to “Huawei Mate 10 Pro review”

  1. Mike Dye

    You CAN change the quick settings/ notification shade and the share menus with apps just like you can the launcher ect. In fact you can do literally anything (no exageration) on android.

  2. GP

    In early 2018 I looked at every phone on the market and this seemed the perfect balance between cost and capability. 9 months later and I still enjoy using it every day. And battery life is amazing! BUT where the heck can I get an original Huawei wall charger for UK use. I have one on long-standing order with a reputable online store but all I get is apologies and willingness to return my money. Same for my wife's P20 Lite. Huawei support in the UK seems non existent! Can anyone tell me where I can get these chargers please?

  3. Baleur

    This review is an absolute joke. "Camera not so good? Software not so good?"
    I just watched another review with 4k video examples that blew anything else ive ever seen before out of the water, with full details on the extensive camera pro-mode settings, meanwhile your video showed NOTHING what so ever of any of that.
    Just vague comments without substancial tangible information of value. This phone has unbelievable hardware for its price, thats an objective factual statement, not an opinion. Review mentioned nothing about that.

  4. Freddie Davis

    The Verge seems to dog every other phone on the market except when it comes to the iPhone. I only watch their phone review videos for a laugh lately. Completely sold out to Apple…that's not to say that the iPhone is a bad phone but ALL phones have goods and bads. There are no perfect phones out there. Perfection is completely relative. To flat out say that this the Mate 10 Pro should not be bought by someone who seems to be reading a review from a prompter and doesn't seem to have spent any real world hands-on time with the phone is just wrong. Based on a lot of the comments below and other reviews I've watched concerning this phone and all of the other phone trashing videos I've watched by the Verge…. the Verge is flat out untrustworthy and it seems they are only still in business because of people like me who only watch their reviews because they know that they are going to be FOS. – I never comment on these things but after this…come on people.

  5. Lee

    Very bad review, I've been Samsung user ever since smart first came out.. I gotta say, I'm using Huawei phone P10 now, amazing phone to use, never lags or crashes. Performance is on top, I'm chasing for the Mate 10 Pro now . Can't wait

  6. Joshua B.

    I've had a Nexus 6P and I currently use the Huawei Mate 9. And some of the "issues" you described I've never had? Could it be user error? I can just fine expand my notifications on my lock screen. I use the Evie launcher and it has never switched me back to the original Huawei one…. I think you were just having some trouble figuring it out, maybe it was to premium for you. 😂 And just one last thing, you said it was so expensive? But it's really not iPhones are only going up every time a new one comes out, they are what now $1000? My Huawei Mate 9 was $650 that was including the warranty. iPhones with the warranty are like $1200

  7. O

    WOW the last comment at the end "you guys are spies". Looks like the US gov or one of their agencies gave the verge a little nudge didn't they

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