Huawei Isn't Going Anywhere…

Huawei has been preparing for this war long before. New Huawei ArkOS or OakOS is on its way so is MATE 30 Pro & Why this could be a problem for US. Google is scared of the whole situation. Huawei isn’t Going Anywhere.

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45 Replies to “Huawei Isn't Going Anywhere…”

  1. Koyagasu

    i always wanted to buy a Huwaei Y6. but then i saw news. if theyre making a new OS. i cant buy Huwaei since im still not used to their new upcoming OS. this wont be easy if they dont have play protect.

  2. Jordy Lefevere

    Just some points here…
    Malware? There is more malware on the playstore then on aptoide… Just saying. If you look at all the apps that are Google protected/verified… Almost non.
    A few thousands of apps are deleted from the playstore because they find malware… And mostly after millions of downloads. ?

    Number two…
    Updates. Google said and I quote 'all existing huawei devices will still get updates.'' so till the last honor 20 series, everything before that will receive updates and yes also Q.
    It will be later sometimes… But that does not make your device more harmful.
    Any other details or lies you left out? Thanks ?

  3. Anis Alam

    the main problems coming up for USA, and Israel are,
    billions of losses in revenues ,
    and they can't spy on people, who are on Huawei arkos ,
    and if USA dosen't pay compensation to Huawei, for damages , in billions,
    Huawei will be another branch, which will supersede usa and Israel,
    and will be a system to be reckoned with.


    Apple and Blackberry had their own OS and other Phone also try using it own OS before like Nokia and Samsung,so if Huawei using his own OS, that is good news for consumer because they have new choices and not dependent for one monopoly OS.The results of it trail for this new OS is fantastic, it's faster 60% more than android.welldone Huawei.

  5. A.P Vlog

    Nope you are wrong. the fact Google scared of huawei is that they might loosing their business in other chinese phones like Vivo, xiomi, oppo and many more. If huawei successfully built their own OS then whole Chinese cellphone company might left the US based Google sofware that's why Google is convincing the US governmen.

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