Huawei Founder Breaks Silence to Deny Spying

Jan.15 — Ren Zhengfei, the billionaire founder of Huawei Technologies Co., broke a years-long silence to dismiss U.S. accusations the telecoms giant helps Beijing spy on Western governments. Bloomberg’s Selina Wang reports on “Bloomberg Technology.”

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  1. Cedric Wai

    If America have 5G,what makes you think that America will not be spying on you? America doesn’t want Huawei to be the top selling phone, so fear mongering about the 5G will be spying on them. Everyone knows America is evil and never abide by the rule of law. Sanctioned any countries who wouldn’t followed her instructions,only America is allowed to break the rule. The sooner the world dumps the dollar,the better and takes away her bargaining power. So many poor countries are suffering, especially the children and the old people from sanction by America.

  2. Truth Matters

    He said he does not want to sell his company's equipment to the US any longer. His company is busy enough with so many nation's requesting to install their equipment. Huawei is not pushing to sell their equipment to the US, so just chill off, you guys.

  3. David Ben-Abraham

    Every country ought to safeguard its national security, and if there are breaches to that security, it ought to be mended. However, the US is only "concerned" about the ability of Huawei products to be used in spying on other countries. That is the crux of the issue. The former vice president of the International Monetary Fund, Mr. Zhu Min, has said that the real risk for our world as prompted by Trump's Trade War against China is that, if left unabated, the world will become divided into two different tech systems.

  4. eRmaC Stone

    Omg you guys are so racist these guys are chinese a minority. We should just trust them ans look the other way to show respect to their race. Stop being so racist my god. We got no problems trusting ms13 all all of a sudden just because someone is Chinese they are spies? Stop being such a white male geez if you dont like it then go live in another country! Idiot.

  5. Fra ruger

    HuaWei = Thief..The evidence Nortel and Motorola provided can not be false. There r no ethics in HuaWei or ZTE, and any other Chinese companies with Chinese govt background. 你們再裝蒜也沒用 池塘就快干了。Drain the swamp.

  6. Darlene Sjostrom

    Such poor journalism, did you read a government issued script! No, there isn't anyone waiting to see if Trump will use her as a 'bargaining chip'! The moment that Trump opened his mouth and made this case political, the US case was SUNK! She will never be extradited. Canada has LAWS AGAINST extradition for POLITICAL REASONS!
    Dig a little deeper so you can actually call yourself a journalist!

  7. Bidur Sharma Gautam

    US is already backwards in terms of 5G technology and wants to limit China’s 5G tech which has les the whole world. US is inferior that it would lose information domain as china outrun the speed of 5G development, they wanted to limit china and block 5G in its country and its allies. US will not accept any other countries like Russia, China or anti countries that will lead new technology. Well, this is the fact. Because if they were to ban Huawei and ZTE on the ground of leaking data, they should ban Facebook and Google first because they are the companies that have been continuously exposing personal data which is a violation of customer privacy and data protection.

  8. The Mythbuster

    Most Americans do not have a clue what they are talking about.

    They take their cue from their biased and agenda motivated media and government Propaganda agencies e.g
    VOA, CIA backed NED sponsored agencies e.g. Epoch times, Apple Daily, etc
    The Propaganda campaign against Chinese companies are not based on facts nor law.
    The West portrays China President Xi as a powerful, authoritarian dictator for life. Meaning he will be the President fir life. Any truth??? ??
    Naturally NOT.
    While he is in his 2nd term in office, a change in constitution allows him to be in office longer than 2 terms.
    President Xi is neither absolute ruler nor authoritarian.
    Deputies to China Parliament are elected.
    So is their Central Committee Members. Only the President and Premiers is selected among them.
    But isn't it true for the leaders of most Democracy today including UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, New Zealand, etc etc
    None of them were directly elected.

  9. p ace

    The stupid act of bolton in Canada will make Huawei more famous and more popular and its gonna makw people to buy more Huawei products… Even i changed my mind about apple after that incident and i bought Huawei…. In fact,i just realized that Huawei is much better than apple… U can try once then u'd be Huawei's regular costumer forever

  10. Randy Pearce

    1.5 million Yuigar Muslims in detention camps currently, 1
    million Tibetans killed since 1959, 900,000 Tibetans in exile in beautiful
    India, 2400 Chinese students murdered in Tianenmin Square in 1989, and 70
    million Chinese Han nationals murdered by the Mao regime. The PRC is an outright human rights abuser. Huawei
    out of Canada NOW! The dragon cannot be trusted.

  11. Bok Tan

    This scumbag n mother fucker…is an animal without conscience, dignity n will die hard to tell lies, to steal, to rob to sabotage n possible catch you put you in jail, force you to give up everything to him. Then kill you, most probably sell your kidney and the rest of the parts made can foods.

  12. Juju Rellama

    Dont believe anything the red chinese say, Espionage around the globe, now they are turning up in Greenland. Greenland doesnt need a yellow invasion. They will ruin the environment, and Greenland is not up for sale. The EU is there already, Stay in your beloved China, we dont need you

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