Huawei Claim their Phone is Better than Nintendo Switch

The cheeky blighters at Huawei have claimed their new Mate 20 X is better than the Switch, but is it? No.

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38 Replies to “Huawei Claim their Phone is Better than Nintendo Switch”

  1. Brady Ellison

    android games will never beat console games pretty much all the way back to the beginning even if the phone can run it with emulators it still falls behind a triple a title on the console it is made for

  2. Dassy SanCal

    Huawei is gonna get b*tch slapped by Nintendo. Next thing you know, Nintendo says that their new 2019 Switch version is better than all the Huawei phones combined, or maybe hint at it. Also, Huawei might be getting cocky, and pride comes before the downfall

  3. Rhandy

    phones have apps not games… they will never have games, it's literally always just some shit clicker or either of the overhyped BR games or games that any normal gamers got to play several years ago like the gta ports for the phone. no one is gonna pay 1k to play older games/games with shit controls

  4. goingon145

    If huawei wans to talk about gaming phones. Then they should hav their own game titles lik nokia N-gage in the past. They even buy buy gaming rights for certain title. Huawei should also support emulators. No own game titles and compare game consoles. Shamless..

  5. The one who laughs

    So your gonna talk about the device but not have it for comparison or pictures or videos? Stfu dude, switch Is gonna be better we all fucking know that but if your gonna compare have the fucking thing in your video, this guy fucking blows anyhow.

  6. SolidSnake

    You could pick up a galaxy s8 or lg g7 and a switch and still have money left over for games.

    And then its still not better.
    Shit inputs for one
    Big android overhead just like windows with dx12.
    When youre done gaming, the entire part of it being a phone is now useless.
    AND the switch has much better game, asphalt 8 can only last so long.
    Just off the top of my head.

  7. DoomVoice

    Arena of Valor is under optimize on Switch and its the main comparison between Switch and phone.

    Crappy comparison overall, who's going to buy a Switch for phone games and Tencent games…


    For everyone saying you can play GameCube, N64 and ps2 games you are wrong. You can play shitty ports of old games and pay to win mobile games for three times the price.

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