43 Replies to “Huawei became a force by stealing Cisco’s technology: Gordon Chang”

  1. One World

    Gordon Chang is a liar … his comments about huawei stealing technology is complete rubbish. Here's why … Verizon 5g throughput 1Gbps, Qualcomm 5g throughput 3.3 Gbps, Huawei 5g throughput 15 Gbps, Why Huawei have to steal technology from lower speed 5g vendors ??? Should be the other way around ?

  2. J M

    US failed in the competition on pushing the closed CDMA standards to the more open European GSM standard. Nokia, Alcatel, Erisscion etc were the GSM champion. 5G is based on GSM 3 & 4G which HUAWEI contributed. Americans are just bad losers. Faux news as usual, maintain a very low journalistic standard by putting an un-proved accusation as its title to dumb down the viewers.

  3. E Rampersad

    Huawei, ALWAYS steals technology, makes small innovations, then resells your tech to your country. They will Not Stop Stealing Technology, because this is how Communist China will progress to Super Power status. In ANY conflict, Nationalize their assets. Declare their debt Null & Void.

  4. Terry Yuen

    US can come up with all kinds of accusations but the facst remain that they are getting into the slumps with their spending 5 times more than their incomes. All their cutting edge superiority are lagging behind hence these are all the reactions to their losing grounds and they panic

  5. Tuan Tran

    All around the world must avoid China. In mind of China company's are: 1 day steal of the world Technology, equal 3 years the world experiment of project. That why China communist grow faster then you think.

  6. John Tang

    Lol the fuk is this? Cisco isnt even in the same industry as HUAWEI. Huawei started off by making mobile network equipments, base stations. And this is still their main business. Cisco doesn't do any of that. Cisco is enterprise networking equipment and software. Americans have sinked to a new low, spilling even more lies.

  7. bzut07

    Most Americans brain washed fat ass useful idiots… remember All Nazism, Fascism, Colonialism, WW1, WW2 came from Western country… & most other wars created by Empire of the Evil U.S. (terrorist, gangster, criminal) corp. govt. Ukraine Nazi terrorist regime created & supported by them… if WW3 it’ll come from them… cos they owned & controlled by the Central Banking (Zionist/Satanic) Cartels. CNN, FOX is Deep State dark cabal/minions Fake news… U.S military & NATO is their bully NAZI terrorist army… Only Evil used nuclear bomb not one… two (Hiroshima, Nagasaki) & bio/chemical weapon in Vietnam & depleted uranium bomb in Serbia, phosphorous bomb & Fake chemical attack w/help terrorists in Syria on civilians…
    Only U.S. and Ukraine votes against Anti-Nazi resolution at U.N. last 4 years…
    Only they shot down civilian airplanes Flight 655 and MH17, SBI1812 …

  8. Gary Zhao

    chinese wumao commentators are all over here to diss Gorden Chang and deny the truth he's been exposing for years . These commentators mostly are chinese students in us colleges and universities. America is being raped in every possible way by these Chinese suckers who were dirt poor just twenty years ago and most of them still are and are now feeding on us healthcare and social wellfare system. Rich chinese poor chinese are all fake american and share the same traits of lying about everything through and through.

  9. Peter Yvr

    American steals from other countries too. USA accuses Iraq WMD, Syria chemical, now Huawei all without proof. American government is the biggest liar and spy on ordinary citizens, USA just wanted everyone to follow its tail, those nations not are labeled as "security threat to USA". The fact is USA is the biggest security threat to whole world with its double standard.

  10. Bin Xaver

    I'm a Chinese advocate and I used to naively believe that the internet age means more transparency, more empowerment of the ordinary people. As I believed that the internet would make it harder for authoritarian regimes and big businesses to silence individuals and keep the dictators’ dirt under the carpet.

    However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime’s success in total internet surveillance means that Chinese individuals’ voices are not better heard. On the contrary, the CCP regime has used anonymity on the internet to make the world a more opaque, less transparent, more dangerous place.

    Use YouTube as an example, the ratio of Chinese language videos critical of the CCP's human rights record & expansionist agenda vs CCP's own propaganda videos (disguised as "casual YouTuber's account") is about 1 to 100. Some CCP's misinformation accounts on YouTube upload a new video every few minutes, and upload the same misinformation video under different sensational titles to several accounts within the same hour, in order to achieve the “drowning dissenting voices” effect, with great success. The CCP also use methods such as phantom clicks, computer generated likes/dislikes, fake comments, etc. to boost its own propaganda videos’ view counts and cheat YouTube's algorithms.

    The CCP's aim is to eventually create confusion, sow social division and mistrust in all liberal democracies by massaging the idea that “democracy is hypocritical, full of dark secrets, and hidden discrimination, your vote is useless” into its audience’s head. (At this stage its focus is Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia… some of its neighbouring democratic “test laboratory”). So for anyone who loves freedom and cares about the survival of the liberal democratic ideal, we must think about how to protect our fragile liberty and democracy in this dangerous times. We need to protect democracy using technological, legislative, political means. We need to do it with a great sense of urgency.

  11. Seph Callaway

    If this is the case then, historically, stealing is the American way as well. In the U.S. south, countless inventions, contraptions and foodways were stolen from poor, uneducated yet savvy black Americans. So when accusations of theft are made Americans must first look at themselves in the mirror. Do Americans think that such crimes and unethical practices won’t come back to haunt them (on a global scale)? What about the whole concept of Native American reservations, creative industries (in particularly in pop culture), etc.? So pirating is the American way, has been and always will be. Intellectual property is just another way of saying one rich person or corporation was able to protect an idea they stole from a party whom lacked the necessary financial resources, cutting that person(s) out completely.

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