Hey guys..
So Finally Huawei is getting some positive news from QUALCOMM!
Qualcomm reportedly asks US to let it sell chips for Huawei phones, Lets see what’s gonna happen!!
Also we got some further details related the mate x2 foldable phone!!

Your thoughts?
Let me know in the comments down below!!

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43 Replies to “Huawei – A HUGE RELIEF”

  1. Rareș R.

    I bet if it weren' t for the ban Huawei would have owned the entire comunications market. Miles ahead of its competitors. I hope they find a solution. Till then, still enjoying my p30.

  2. David Lee

    Jumping the gun. Never a danger from day one. Many Chinese using iphone converting to hua that I think Huawei won't buy from them but develop their own chip. heard they have enough chip from tsmc to last for 3 years…tsmc revenue jumped by 100% already. By then 3 years later, huawei will develop their own chip.

  3. Kishor Sharma

    usa is doing all this to be on the global power just by banning their companies to not deal with chinese company but hope huawei will find a way to its kirin chipsets to provide excellent briliancy to the customer

  4. Wong Poh Chan

    China has learned bitterly that d U S. is a very unreliable n untrustworthy trade partner. You can be sure China will find ways to make their own chips. How is d U. S. going to reduce its trade deficit with China. This will further widen d U. S. trade deficit with China if China is not allowed to buy high tech parts from d U. S. The U. S. cannot hope to reduce d trade deficit just by selling pork n soya beans.

  5. Jerald Bartiquin

    Nope I don't agree and I don't like it, I might be a Huawei fan but choosing Snapdragon for the upcoming Huawei flagship phones will damage the camera's performance and quality of it, that's why they choose Kirin over Snapdragon because Kirin is very stable even though its far from Snapdragon in Antutu Benchmark top list and also the reason is its because Kirin helps Leica lenses's resolution more improve and put a bit better resolution into it
    Kirin is also better when it comes to A.I performance, better frequency, its just very funny how Snapdragon 865+ been defeated by Huawei Nova 7 5G's Kirin 985 when it comes to frequency comparison because Kirin 985 has more low frequency than Snapdragon 865+

  6. Athenkosi Freddie

    Huawei optimisation in their software plus Snapdragon 875 processor would equal to one of the most overpowered smartphone of all time plus most energy efficient nearing iPhone lvls of battery life. I am currently happy with their decision to use Snapdragon chipset

  7. Samuzzwal Shrestha

    Huawei will fail in the international market and will be a domestic brand . Its not just abt money its abt security so they should do what makes their country safe . Just like how china has laws regarding their safety . Why is there even doube standards to this. I mean both countries are looking out for their safety .

  8. EHW

    Qualcomm will get the approval from the US government because a chipset from Qualcomm in a Huawei phone will give the US security agencies a backdoor to continue spying on phone-users. That was the whole thing with Huawei. As long as the US can keep spying you are not a national security threat.

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