Huawei 5G ban: France joins US and UK in placing restrictions on chinese tech company

Should Huawei play a role in Europe’s 5G future?

The UK has already banned the Chinese infrastructure provider, and the EU will shortly decide if it should follow suit.

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37 Replies to “Huawei 5G ban: France joins US and UK in placing restrictions on chinese tech company”

  1. De Wayne

    We keep bullying everyone in the world, sometimes pushing too hard we will get pushed back. Even the EU start to loose trust in us especially in Trump. UK and French did a fake ban on Huawei until 2028 to please us, and by then even 6G is obsoleted. Trump is to dum to think about that?

  2. TheMiddleKingdom

    The U S lied to her allies, including the EU members states.
    It would be very interesting if the African nations, Middle East Countries, Southeast Asian Countries, South and Central Americas countries have 5G earlier than the U S and other 4 eyes countries and EU countries, of course, from Huawei.

  3. M Peterson

    The momentum against china grows. No one wants 5G backdoors that siphon data back to the chinese communist party. Anyone telling you that 5g infrastructure equipment cannot do this – is outright lying through their teeth or just ignorant of it. So for those who still don't get it. Think you want some country knowing where you are, what you just typed in a private email, what websites you go through, what your smart house and appliances are doing?

  4. Steven Cher

    The comments here reveals the deep set sentiments against China. It's not really about CCP, it's the white supremacist problem. There can be white people protesting and rioting for George Floyd because there is no African country that is formidable to challenge the dominance and hegemony of imperialists states. Human rights is just a cover for many political agendas. There is no real so called justice or righteousness in this world. No non white country is allowed to excel and pose real challenge on world dominance. The big irony is all these whites are either catholic or christian countries bringing shame to the teaching of Jesus Christ.

  5. Lee Sk John

    China will ban ericssion and nokia too . The faster the world decouple the faster will be ww3. Go ahead . The bible prophesy have to be materialise when the kings of east will send 200 million army to end mysterious babylon decoded to be usa and the 5 eyes.
    This maybe your karma for robbing, colonialising, slaving, killing natives and countries all over the world .

  6. Tacos Die hard

    Does Ericsson use China Panda, – same issues. Anyway, Facebook sells to Huawei. It seems that Huawei and Gates and co are heavily invested in 5G satellites, 5G infrastructure and so on. Gates also is heavily invested in the WHO that back Icnirp. Icnirp set limits for the amount of 5G microwave radiation that is safe. The world experts have been crying out that the limits are wrong, they are unsafe and the WHO has ignored the world experts. Gates is also in the UN, the UN departments promote the use of 5G and IoT. Is this not something like the tobacco company being involved in the WHO and the WHO saying that high levels of tobacco are safe and the tobacco company being involved in the UN and the UN promoting tobacco?? Microwave radiation was classified 40 years ago as a Biological Agent and a pollutant by the WHO- before the involvement of Gates.
    So it is not just Huawei is it? it's Gates and Bezos and Turner and anyone ''running'' the UN and selling or forcing 5G upon the world. Joint effort I would say.

  7. Chinese Mainlander

    As a Chinese mainlander, I am not a member of any party. I read the comments and have the general feeling that, if you people are against Chinese people and the Asian race, just admit your racism and let's fight. There is indeed no need to blame everything on CCP. It's just fake. As for personal privacy, I have no privacy for the gov to know. They can know everything about me. I really don't care.

  8. fisstaschek

    I’m OK with EU banning/restricting chinese data operators’ access to the common market, I believe however that the same policy ought to be applied to US – it’s been no secret for some 6 years now that American companies will gladly give US govt access to their data as well as US secret service conducting espionage both on our politician as well as our industry. Should EU ban solely Chinese tech and not American it will not only end up with technologically inferior infrastructure but also (having not protected itself from Washington’s spyware) fall into deeper servitude towards the Big Brother over the Atlantic.

  9. Brian DeVries

    I wish the current Canadian government would ensure Huawei be banned from Canada. Unfortunately, the current Canadian government, seemingly, is in the pocket of China. Our lol 'prime' lol minister is weak and he very much aligns with socialistic ideology.

  10. mama malamut

    Powstaje już 6G nie ma ucieczki przed nową technologią szybszą i lepszą, nowoczesną . USA samo dostarczyło materiały, dokumenty, projekty na 5G Chinom oni je tylko unowocześnili . To jest wojna gospodarcza o pieniądze, ogromne pieniądze . ,między chińskim Huawei a Apple amerykańskim. Nie ma już odejścia od 5G ,powstaje 6G. Zachód w tym W.Brytania musi to zaakceptować .To tak jakby wstrzymać rozwój technologii nowoczesnej ,

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