How to Watch YouTube TV on LG Smart TV

This video includes a tutorial on how to watch YouTube TV your LG Smart TV. Since getting this new LG Smart TV, I’ve been impressed with it capabilities and display. But being a relatively new Youtube TV subscriber, i had to see how this all worked.

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As a new owner of a smart tv, I knew that the possibilities were endless. But see, that was where the problem came in. I knew i could get youtube tv on a smart tv, but how to watch it youtube tv on an LG smart TV. it wasn’t as intuitiive as i had hoped, or maybe im just dumb.

You need to find the LG Content Store and then go to Apps and Games. There, you’ll find YouTube as well as Youtube TV. Once you install and launch the app, you may never leave the house again…its awesome.

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21 Replies to “How to Watch YouTube TV on LG Smart TV”

  1. CJ W

    LG is crap. I spent over $3000 on a big screen LG TV now I am informed that I have the wrong model because LG and utube have parted ways and utube is no longer supported. Yes it is a smart tv obviously a lot smarter than me. never again will I waste my money on any of their products. I tried this site and the methods used here but no good, if I want utube I must use the pc . so be it FUCK YOU LG

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