How to view your Windows 10 Laptop on a LG TV Wirelessly

Hi, this video shows you how to view your Windows 10 Laptop on a LG TV wirelessly using Screen Share. It is useful if you want to view your documents, photos, videos or apps from your laptop on the big screen.
The laptop in the video is a GPD Pocket.
Many thanks Vince.

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  1. MC Peko

    Great! Thanks. I installed the wi-fi thing that came with my motherboard to my motherboard, and it works. The LG OLED65E6V is stuck at 1080p for now. Hoping for 4K after reboot / tweaking. Always wanted to be able to mirror my workstation to the large screen. Extend to and use as monitor 5 works too. 🙂


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  3. KS

    I have a Smart TV Samsung 32" KLD 40WE665, both my laptop and TV are connected to the same wifi router but when it comes to connect it via wifi with the TV it says "couldn't connect". I also can't find that option "Screen Share" in the TV! Any help ?

  4. Rom Lacuesta

    Hey I have windows 10 also but it says Your PC or mobile doesn't support Miracast, so it can't project wirelessly. I also checked the requirements of miracast and I have all the requirements. Can someone help me?

  5. Julio Gomez

    Hello mate,

    I have a laptop connect it to a lcd monitor thru hdmi, now I want to wirelessly connect to my lg smart tv . How do I do that ?or do i need to unplugg my hdmi to just wireless connect my laptop to my tv.

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