How to Use Your LG Magic Remote – LG USA

The LG Magic Remote is just that—magic. Control everything on your LG Smart TV from your remote and revolutionize your home entertainment. Our video demonstrates the ins and outs of your Magic Remote, including how to use the three different control options. Make quick adjustments to audio, video, and more using your remote, and easily control your connected devices, including your Blu-ray disc player, your sound bar, your home theater system, and more.

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50 Replies to “How to Use Your LG Magic Remote – LG USA”

  1. Carla Denzien

    Can somebody please tell me what the colored "multi function" buttons do?.
    I got this for our new LG tv, very easy to set up and use, but nowhere does it say what they are for. All three videos I see just say "multi function".

  2. Nas Hussain

    I have purchased a LG TV LG – 65UK6470PLC . Can anyone please tell me which model of magic remote works with this. The tv has WebOs. I'm not very Knowledgeable so any assistance would be greatful

  3. ShaolinDreams

    Having the OK button on the scroll wheel is a terrible design flaw. Sometimes this scroll OK button stops working or is really difficult to press.. On the most important button!!!!! mines failing after a couple months. The middle mouse button on the scroll wheel on my mouse has fails several times…. Please update the magic remote because this one is flawed.

  4. Zakia Jannat

    When I search something in YouTube on TV they show that list from left to right. I can't see left side list because I can't move them from left to right with the remote. How can I move them from left to right with my LG magic remote???????

  5. Jack Chan

    I got my new lg 60" uhd850t 4k 3d 2016 midel come up witm magic remote na-mr600. i start to reguster/ pairing but it does'nt do any magic, try to follow the magic manual or even watching utube on how its done, but no magic?????

  6. Andrew Brinkerhoff

    Does anyone know about compatibility issues with the 2016 magic remote? I just bought the 2016 model and it will not sync with my Dish Network equipment. LG customer service is telling me my Dish Network equipment is too new. Has anyone ever encountered this or heard of this issue?

  7. iRecruit Fish

    Downfall….buttons do not illuminate which makes nighttime navigation difficult. LG can you confirm if this remote is Bluetooth enabled? Example I like a remote which I do not have to point at the tv to have it functioning.

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