How to Use the Nintendo Wii : The Basics of Operating a Nintendo Wii

How to have fun in this free video on setting up and maximizing your Nintendo Wii.

Expert: Drew Noah
Bio: Drew Noah has been working for various websites for over five years. He uses the internet and email everyday for both work and pleasure.
Filmmaker: Drew Noah

23 Replies to “How to Use the Nintendo Wii : The Basics of Operating a Nintendo Wii”

  1. Kensei Takesi

    i cant start the games! when i start the consol i cant do shit! how i start the games? when menu come i only can press A and go to meny and cant do nothing. i even pay new controler but nothing… what hell i do?!?!? how i get that hand in my wii?

  2. GuyDude

    super mario galaxy is the best game for wii…..period….best everything on the whole console…anything, game design, graphics, gameplay, and overall fun and stuff

  3. Chick-A-Dee

    I have a problem, whenever I insert a game I have like animal crossing or wii fit, it doesn't pop up in the disc channel and it says unable to read disc and i have tried Nintendo's troubleshooting but it didn't work so how do I fix this???

  4. Ehab Sheour

    um hello @expertvillage um…i have a nintendo wii and can you tell me how to operate the sensor and the remote and all the remote does is just make blue lights from down and i really want to play and please comment me back.thanks

  5. Jellybean

    Hey can someone help me i have the wii system at work, i work in a aged care facilty and they ask me to set it up for them i get half way there but it goes to the radio, and the hand moves to quickly , how do i set it up so it actually works and my clients can play please help i dont want to look like a idiot when my boss asks me again please oh please help me

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