How To Use the DJI Mavic Air Smart Gestures Without a Remote

Dji released new firmware to fix the Mavic Air’s shaking problem but they also added the ability to enter the smart gesture control mode without using a phone or controller!

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25 Replies to “How To Use the DJI Mavic Air Smart Gestures Without a Remote”

  1. Michael Boris

    For some reason I can only get this to go into gesture mode by pressing the button 2x's like 25% of the time, most of the time I have to connect my phone which really sucks. any way I can get it to connect more often?

  2. Eli Hasson

    It can fly without gps in this mode (using the cameras), so you are wrong regarding the wait a few secs to get gps, I'm pretty sure it didn't have GPS when you got it in the air.

  3. Scott Cooper

    I've noticed, both from my own experience and in this and other videos, that the Mavic Air gesture control seems to be lacking in two areas:
    1. When you raise your hand up to make it go higher, 95% of the time it doesn't respond.
    2. When trying to get it to land using just your hand, it takes several tries before you get a successful landing. I almost always end up having to crouch down to get it to land and shut down. Has anyone else had the same problems?

  4. Mac Drone BR

    Thanks! very nice video. Great feature to do selfies when mountainbiking. Do you think is there a risk of flyaways? Have you tried to link the control when hovering in gesture mode? Thanks

  5. Tiago Martins

    Hello, when in this mode, if the drone is tracking you a following you around, supose that you are in a bike and the drone loses you, does it return home?Does it hover? If you ran out of battery? Same question, does it hover? Does it return home? Does it land where he is?

  6. Chatham

    My Mavic Air refused to stay landed in this mode. I got it to the ground and the engines revved back up as I approached it. I ended up having to turn on the controller and manually landing it myself.

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