How To Use the Amazon Dash with IFTTT and Home Assistant

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In this video, I’ll be showing you how to get started automating around your house with the Amazon Dash. They’re awesome $5 WIFI button made by Amazon that can do just about anything. To use the Dash for home automation, you’ll need to install and configure Dasher. It’s a great HTTP bridge made by @Maddox which can intercept the button push message on your network and then fire any HTTP message you would like. I’ll be showing you how to use the Amazon Dash with IFTTT and Home Assistant via Dasher running on a Raspberry Pi.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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37 Replies to “How To Use the Amazon Dash with IFTTT and Home Assistant”

  1. Dan Nensel

    Am I right to assume that you need wifi on your Pi for this to work? if not that would be awesome as I don't currently have any pi's with wifi and all the other solutions I found required wifi sniffing.

  2. Sammy Singh

    what about dasher that is running on rpi ….. if I close the cmd window it stops …. you should have also included how to keep dasher running even when you close the command window …

  3. Edgar Garriga

    Hey Ben!
    I am wondering if it's possible…
    My idea is to have an automation (on/off a sonoff or esp8266) everyday at 10pm, but I want to delay it one day if WeatherUnderground (IFTTT) predict rain for tomorrow.
    do you think it is possible?
    thanks in advance

  4. John W

    This is awesome!! Got this setup working with Home Assistant "hassio" on my Pi. I installed the Dasshio version 0.2.0 on my setup and then used your video for guidance to finish getting the button configured to my home network. The hassio setup is a little different but your video was perfect to get me up and running. Thanks so much!!

  5. justinwashere

    Update: After configuring dasher with Home Assistant, the latency dropped to about a second, which is now fast enough to toggle my lights.
    Compared to the 10 second latency I was experiencing with IFTTT, Home Assistant has given these dash buttons a whole new set of usages.

    I would encourage anyone who had latency issues to give this a shot with Home Assistant; it's totally worth setting it up.

  6. Randy Lust

    I have this working except after I get the message
    [2017-07-21T19:51:44.822Z] buttont pressed. Count: 2
    [2017-07-21T19:51:45.037Z] Unsuccessful status code
    Any ideas?
    Also how do you add multiple buttons?

  7. Joaquín Moreno Lapoulide


    The problem that I have, is that I perform all the steps and once started the service "sudo npm start", add the 2 functions and pulse to test and the button does not work, curiously if through the FING app scan the network and I enter and scan services of the button and at that moment I press, if I see the pulse if not no ..

    It is as if when scanning the IP services of the button through FING, as if waking up ….

    What happen?.

    Thank you very much



    El problema que tengo, es que realizo todos los pasos y una vez iniciado el servicio "sudo npm start", se añaden las 2 funciones y pulso para probar y no funciona el boton, curiosamente si a traves de la app FING escaneo la red y entro y escaneo servicios del boton y en ese momento aprieto, si me aparece la pulsación si no no..

    Es como si al escanear los servicios de la IP del boton a través de FING, como si se despertase….

    Que ocurre?.

    Muchas gracias

  8. Evan Bass Zeisel

    I got mine setup on a pi zero w. I'm running into an odd issue. I have my IFTTT set to toggle on/off, but whenever I click my dash button, it turns the wemo on, and then half a second later turns the wemo off. I know there is the on, then immediately off IFTTT wemo feature, that is NOT selected. I have the correct toggle selected. I tested on my iPhone and can turn the wemo smart plug on and off normally. When I click the "check now" button directly on IFTTT, nothing happens. Any advice on a fix?

  9. Evan Zeisel

    I got everything working, but then when I reboot nothing happens when I press my dash button. I'm running Pixel, could that cause a problem? I am also over wifi, and I noticed it is mentioned that is not the most reliable. Would love the fix, thanks! (rPi3)

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