How to use SmartCapture with DJI Mavic Air (Tutorial)

By selecting Smart Capture mode, you can launch and land the drone, take selfies, record videos, etc. with simple hand gestures. It’s fun, intuitive and straightforward!
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43 Replies to “How to use SmartCapture with DJI Mavic Air (Tutorial)”

  1. rushitha yakandawala

    Great video:-) i love all dji products and actually a fan..the things is😅i have no money to buy these great products..but i enjoy these videos..helpes me to be a great video maker when i can afford one these marvelous piece of tech😍🔥

  2. David Castro

    Hi DJI, i've been having issues trying to get a group selfie , all the other functions work perfect but whenever we try to take a group selfie it just takes a regular selfie , pls help :/

  3. louis Wijaya

    there must be an explanation of the procedure for carrying DJI drones overseas clearly (in the cabin or baggage), from the DJI map it is also advised whether the area is safe or not. many have used the DJI drone, so it can be updated. thank you

  4. Patrick Michael

    Just got my DJI Mavic Air. Took it for its madden voyage yesterday. AWESOME FOOTAGE!!! But, I cannot find video of controller screen. I wanted to overlay this info onto my final video. Where is it?

  5. MacroHD

    my mavic air only reach 150m to 200m before get interference waring, yes in various area: vilage, beach, rice field. frustating issue. btw iam in CE area.

  6. rcfanaticdublin

    hello from Dublin(Irl),
    i cannot connect my S7 to my Mavic….i have two different issue's to complicate thing's.
    The first is that when i enter wifi setting's on my device there is no sign of the Mavic in the list of available network's…even when in network search mode.
    Secondly…when i attempt to connect by reading the bar code on the side of the Drone…does not work no matter what angle i try.
    i cannot understand this issue as the app seem's to to work seamlessly when connected to the controller.

  7. Forrest Egan

    I’ve tried numerous times to take off without using the iPhone or Remote Control…not having any luck. If I load DJI GO 4 and connect via WiFi, once I can see a video feed I can put my iPhone in my pocket, tap the Function button twice, hear the tone, then I’m able to launch. However, if I don’t connect via WiFi first, tapping the Function button twice I hear the tone, then the camera sweeps up and down searching for me but never lets me launch. What step am I missing to get the Mavic Air to take off with no controlling device, using only the Function button and hand gestures? Thanks in advance for any help!

  8. RAPA Ent.

    Awesome video tutorial! I have a question about the group capture where it take 3 different photo's. Can this be done in "video instead of 3 photo's?" If so, could you explain how? Thanks again, Ray

  9. GTX

    Hello DJI! I bought an Mavic Air and im having some range issues . It should be 2-4km but its actually 500 meters . What do you recommend?

  10. Patrick

    Hi! i have some questions 1) will there be a tendency the drone will fly away when using smartcapture w/out RC? 2) do we have to compass calibrate everytime we go from place to place using smartcapture? 3) can I handcatch my drone when in smartcapture because there might be rough surfaces? and lastly if I turn the RC on while in smart mode can it be connected or cancelled smart mode. thank you sir and God Bless!

  11. Tony West

    When using only hand gestures to launch and have the aircraft follow you, only the "Trace" mode is available, correct? In order to switch the follow mode to "Profile" you would need your phone and the DJI go App. Or is there a way to switch it with a gesture?

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