How to Use Reminders on Your iPhone


In this video, you’ll learn how to create a reminder using the Reminders App for iPhone. You’ll also learn how to create new lists, and customize reminders. You can get alerts on specific dates and times, or at specific locations! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel and visit our website Please SHARE this video with friends and family!

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36 Replies to “How to Use Reminders on Your iPhone”

  1. Ay Jaime is here

    So my family member created a family section on the reminder list and I keep getting notified by his schedule. Any way I can stop being notified without deleting the family section which I don’t know if it’ll delete my family’s section too (other iPhones)?

  2. Christian Salenro

    When i create a reminder manually or with Siri that includes a time to be reminded at the time will appear for a few seconds then will disappear and I wont get the reminder during the time I set. Any fix, thanks!

  3. TomlinsTE

    For me the reminders quietly appear on the screen momentarily and then go away. Often times it's when I wasn't looking at my phone so I never got the reminder at all. I expected and would have preferred the reminder was more present and repeated if necessary. Unless I'm using it wrong this app is useless for me.

  4. Rachel Peterson

    when I click on "reminders" it brings up the list of reminders I previously set, from there, how do I set another reminder? there's not a "+" symbol on the top of my screen, the only symbol on top is what looks like a clock. I just upgraded from a smart phone to an iPhone se  a few days ago, not knowing how to do much of anything on it.

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