How to use NEST Thermostat 3rd Generation – features and functions – Demo

How to use the 3rd Generation NEST Thermostat. A complete guide on how to use the NEST Thermostat and a run through of all its features and functions. I take you through all the menu options and show you how to customise your NEST Thermostat.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of how the NEST Thermostat works before you go out and buy one, or even if you already have.

How to install Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation – UK

How to link Amazon Echo to NEST Thermostat 3rd Generation – Connect NEST to Alexa

How to set a schedule on NEST Thermostat 3rd Generation – NEST App Demo

How to manually set a SIMPLE schedule on the Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation:

Nest Stand for 3rd Generation Thermostat:

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24 Replies to “How to use NEST Thermostat 3rd Generation – features and functions – Demo”

  1. NoTengoIlusiones

    Don't understand this design. It's absolutely a design flaw having a very complex configuration in the device itself. Fancy display, to much color,… A simple, elegant design with 2 or 3 info is more than enough. Then INVEST in the APP!! I'm away, or confortably in the sofa doing my configs instead of infinite minutes staring to a circle. Bah.

  2. Gregorio Muñoz
  3. 119Agent

    Your description of FarSight is incorrect. All Nest thermostats turn on when you walk by them (displaying the current temperature) going all the way back to the first generation. What FarSight actually does is provide a much better sensor for determining if you are home. It can sense much further and wider than previous generations or the Nest E.

  4. david young

    Hi Charlie I have been using them schedules easy enough but I am having trouble with the times they come on. This morning was set for 6.30 chechedcthe app to confirm the times were correct but the heating came on about 03.00 the leaf setting is down to 15C is there away of checking what has triggered the on off ie timer or leaf I also had it set for 18.45 last night for when my wife got home but she said the heating was not on when she arrived at 19.30? Puzzling
    These are great videos for reference thank you for taking the time to do them..

  5. Daisy Girl

    can be used only with central heating on gas? I have storage heaters in living room and hallway and radiators in rooms… i use electricity for that, no gas in my block. Its working the Nest with.. electric?

  6. Jason Guo

    Hey Charlie. My house has two thermostats for controlling temperatures for upstairs and downstairs. Will I need to purchase two separate Nests to control upstairs and downstairs, or just one to control both?

  7. Jo Dales

    Thank you so much for your advice Charlie…I wasn't aware I could get it to drop back down every 15 minutes. .. what a relief, I might actually sleep tonight instead of being on NEST patrol! Ha ha got old fiddle fingers at last!
    Thank you so much Charlie I was beginning to feel quite overwhelmed.
    Kindest Regards

  8. Jo Dales

    Hi Charlie, I really could do with some advice. I purchased a Nest for my professional house share..I believed it would be good and give me at least some control of gas usages.
    My trouble being is one guy likes to switch the nest to 20 degrees as he retires to bed. I've been fair heating comes on at 5.30am till 8am at 20 degrees… so it's warm for the earliest riser and stays on till 8am for last house mate leaving at 8.30am. It then comes on again at 4.30pm and stays on till 10pm. When this guy then goes to bed at 11.30pm ish he switches it up to 20 degrees!!!! Sometimes I'm still up and I pop it back to eco 17. However he'll get up in the night and turns it up again….the house hasn't dropped below 18 at any point so its certainly not freezing cold.
    The learning programme was no use as it was coming on in the early hours!
    I don't want a confrontation, is their anyway of fixing his fiddling in an evening and early hours please Charlie?

  9. Rashad Ujaimi

    thank you for sharing this vid.
    Question: in my case i will use it for cooling the house, can i have the fan of the air condition on , while having a temp setting so the cooling will come on and off while fan runs all time?

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