How to Use iRobot Roomba® 980 Robot Vacuum

The robot that started the revolution is back and better than ever and now includes the iRobot HOME App that makes customizing your Roomba® 980 easier than ever.

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22 Replies to “How to Use iRobot Roomba® 980 Robot Vacuum”

  1. Ron Turnbull

    Horrible… Horrible…. Horrible experience with this product and irobot customer service.

    If you were not aware, this product fails miserably on carpets or rugs that have light and dark areas together. The unit is unable to deal with the contrast and your carpet will not be cleaned. You will only discover this shortcoming AFTER you purchase the item.. They won't warn you and risk losing your business. This means you need to vacuum by hand, which defeats the purpose. IRobot knows all about this and is working on a new model. Pretty sad that this is the best they could do and knowingly decided to pawn this off on customers.

    It also gets stuck easily under furniture meaning the job won't be done when you get home.

    Other than that, it works fine on other surfaces.

  2. Rod Orsten

    I have purchased the Roomba i7. It is very expensive so I expected a product that worked well. I fought with it for over a week trying to get the smart mapping function to work. When I called help they said just do a factory reset and try again. Much faster to put it back in the box and take it back. Not recommended!

  3. Mike Davis

    I have had many Roomba units since the first little Red one I bought for $29.95. I now own an 890. My Cat used to decide the floor was dirty, sometimes thanks to him being outside, and could hit the Clean Button on his own to clean up.

    If I could only get him to empty the bin !

  4. Sky High

    Huge Number 1 Failure with this robot – what about a SECURITY FEATURE? What if we wanted to use these for commercial businesses? People can easily steal this. Is there an alarm feature for people who try to grab it, kick it, or pick it up? A shock mechanism? Anything? This is only for home use, which makes this product absolute shit.

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