How To Use Ikea Tradfri Bulbs With Philips Hue – A Real Game Changer

In my latest smart home video, I demonstrate how easy it is to use Ikea Tradfri light bulbs with your Philips Hue system. How to pair the bulbs to your existing Philips Hue gateway, plus full integration of other Ikea Tradfri devices, such as the remote control.

With the Ikea Tradfri range of light bulbs costing a lot less than the Philips Hue range, this really is a game changer and can make your smarthome more affordable.

Ikea Tradfri Starter Kit
Philips Hue Starter Kit

28 Replies to “How To Use Ikea Tradfri Bulbs With Philips Hue – A Real Game Changer”

  1. luca di meo

    I'm trying to connect mu tradfri remote to my hue bridge, but it doesnt'work. I cannot understand if the tradfri remote is effectively conneted to my hub, and i can say that it's not, infact when i go near the bulb with the tradfri remote and press the connection button, the bulb begins to blink but then it was connected only with the ikea dimmer..infact it doesn't work with the hue apps… any advice for me?!
    The problem is that I cannot understand when the remote control connects to the hub because the red light of the remote control stops flashing but obviously the hub and the remote control are not connected to each other.

  2. ERC NL

    2020 Update / Or buy the Ikea Smart System (which I don’t recommend, will explain why later) or go for Hue. I had the some Ikea lights for year, paired to Hue and working perfect. Since a year or so, the where problems so I figured out, the Ikea lights needed an firmware update so I bought the Ikea Hub and Ikea Sensor (you need the Hub AND a sensor otherwise you can’t pair lights to the Ikea system). I upgraded all bulbs and all but one GU10 Ikea wouldn’t pair to Hue anymore. That said, the Ikea smart system isn’t that smart. Each Ikea Smart light has to be paired to a Sensor or Switch. It can be paired directly to the Ikea Hub. So if you decide to bind all devices to Home Assistant, the Hue sensor will send motion triggers and temperature back to Home Assistant (or other Home Assistant like devices, best is Homey btw). The Ikea Sensor is binded to the light fixture and not the same way as the Hue Sensor, directly to the Hub. All in all the Philips Hue sensor has an affordable price and is al real smart sensor. I’m throwing out all Ikea smart things and gonna buy Hue or other ‘real’ smart devices. The Ikea bulbs will need a Firmware update in the future and I don’t want to unbind and bind every fixture to the Ikea Hub anymore in order to run the firmware updates. Any questions, feel free to send me a message 👍🏼

  3. Eoghan C

    Have a load of tradfri bulbs never used. Still in the box, haven't set them up yet but you tell me if you definitely need the tradfri hub to get things sorted or updated..

  4. Pu Koh

    I heard that the remote puck talks directly to the bulb. so if you turn the lights off with it, the app won't know that the light has been switched off.
    is this true?

  5. numb15

    Hi Mick, can you help me with a few questions please?

    1) Is it true your phone has to be on the same wifi network as the Hue/Tradfri bulbs in order to control them? The thinking is if I can control them when I'm away from home to make it look like there is somebody in. If not, a possible workaround is to control them with the Amazon Alexa app?
    2) If I have various E27/GU10 bulbs around the house, can they all be controlled with the same Tradfri remote? Or is it one remote per light bulb?
    3) If I'm starting from scratch with no smart bulb system, is there any benefit in buying the Hue starter kit and then adding Tradfri bulbs? Or should I just start with the Tradfri bridge? With Black Friday coming up soon I'm expecting the Hue, and possibly Tradfri, to be on sale so it's probably a good time to buy then and the price gap between the two may be less noticeable.
    4) For a standalone bedside lamp do you use smart bulbs, or just keep a regular bulb but use a smart plug? With a smart bulb you'd need to leave the switch on, I'm not sure if this would still drain some electricity even when the bulb is off.
    thank you!

  6. Michael White

    Been watching a couple of your videos as just getting into the smart lighting stuff. Have a couple of questions if you don’t mind?

    1) Do I need the ikea gateway if I am pairing an Tradfri bulb straight out of my box to my Philipps Hue system?

    2) Which Xiaomi light do you have behind the TV and is it easy to get that set up in Alexa to work in parallel with the Hue system?


  7. Andrew Fiddian-Green

    Unfortunately, it seems that the IKEA remote controllers can no longer be used. They can neither a) be imported into the Philips Bridge, nor b) be bound to the Ikea lights (since binding them to the lights, causes the lights to become unbound from the Philips Bridge)..

  8. Theoriginal1981

    Great review. I’m also fed up of the price of Philips Hue although they are dam reliable. The only thing that stops be buying these is the support. Are ikea going to be committed to supporting these and continuing to update firmware. Secondly they don’t make a bayonet fitting which is what we use in the UK tad annoying.

  9. Thor


    Good. Idea and you make it look so easy but…

    What a nightmare this has been to try to get working. Now I can’t even get the gateway to be recognized never mind trying to get bulbs into Apple HomeKit.

    If they can’t make something that works they shouldn’t be selling it!!!

    I feel like I got screwed over by ikea and am still waiting for them to get back to me.

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