How To Use Ark Admin Commands PS4 – XB1 – Fly / God / Infinite Stats / Resources / Ghost

UPDATED to activate pres rb lb x and y on the pause menu OR L1 R1 TRIANGLE SQUARE
Let’s take A look At Admin Commands In Ark Survival Evolved How To Use Them And The Most Important And Useful Ones For Ark PS4 XB1 PC
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48 Replies to “How To Use Ark Admin Commands PS4 – XB1 – Fly / God / Infinite Stats / Resources / Ghost”

  1. UnderLust_Sins

    Question about the Infinitestats and Forcedtame ones- got any versions of those that WORK?

    cause I tried those this morning- finally figured out what I had to do, was brain dead last night when I tried it lol- and the admin command works for Fly and the rest

    I sometimes gotta put the Fly one in a few times cause it wears off apparently, but the Infinitestats doesn't change anything when I put it in everything stays the same and the Forcedtame doesn't work either am I supposed to press a button after I input that one while looking at the dino I want to tame cause I pressed every button on my PS4 controller after inputting Forcedtame and the spiky-shelled turtle thing didn't tame. and I know you can tame it, tried this on a Parasaur as well had to go the old fashioned way cause it wouldn't work

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