How to Update to Latest Kodi on an Android TV Box

How to Update to Latest Kodi on an Android TV Box

If you have an android tv box and it’s up to date but Kodi is the older version and you want the very latest and greatest Kodi version, then this video is for you. I will show you how you can update to a new version of Kodi without losing all your plugins and add-ons. You will need a internet connection and there is no side loading involved in this guide.

How to Update Your Android TV Box
How To Upgrade an Android TV Box to Kodi 17 Krypton
This will work on every version of android tv box. The version I am using in the video is
MXIII – G II TV Box Amlogic S912 Octa-core – UK PLUG BLACK
Android 6.0 System with KODI 16.1 Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Band 2.4G + 5.8G WiFi
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29 Replies to “How to Update to Latest Kodi on an Android TV Box”

  1. April Riley

    I Like how he says "go to app installer and click on local disk IF YOU ARE USING A SD CARD". He says is so fast that you would miss it if you didnt know what you were doing. If you do not have an SD card (as he is suggesting), you will have to open up file explorer and download it from there instead of using app installer

  2. Zay Nation

    Did all that and tried to install it but it keeps saying APP NOT INSTALLED no matter which one i download . I just wanna watch something the audio playing but i cant see nothing the screen is black and google not even helping me or these damn forums kodi websites keep sensing me too can someone help me? Its doing the same thing on chrome and browser so what now?

  3. Persistent

    For everyone that is finding things difficult, just go to settings -> apps -> Kodi and uninstall the older version. The newer version will not install if you don't uninstall the older one. This happened to me but then I uninstalled the older version and it worked! Try it! =)

  4. christine renaud

    I tried all afternoon to update from Kodi 17.3 to 17.6 without success. I saw someone's Post about trying the 32bit Android & it worked. I now have 17.6 on my Android. so for folks having the same problem give it a try.

  5. Ibigay Mona

    Covenant Exodus is the best video addons…those other 4k like Maverick etc are shit, I wire my connection to my box but still buffering … ohh i have 100 mbps, I return the box to Amazon…FiretvStick is friendly with Covenant…720p is fine..Streamango

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