How to Update Firmware on Your LG Smart TV | LG USA

Keeping your TV’s firmware up-to-date allows it to run as efficiently as possible. Thanks to our video’s step-by-step instructions, it’s a snap to update firmware on your LG Smart TV with webOS. Learn how to check for LG firmware updates and install them when you do. Just ensure you’re connected to the Internet, and the whole process will be complete in a matter of minutes.

In addition to showing you how to update LG TV firmware, our helpful videos demonstrate how to connect your Smart TV to devices such as a Blu-ray player, a sound bar, a game console, and more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our website for more information.

25 Replies to “How to Update Firmware on Your LG Smart TV | LG USA”

  1. David

    No Web Engine update for LG TV 2016/2017 (bought 2017) > it makes your web browser obsolete (video players etc) one year later! SHAMEFUL!!!
    Last FW update is Feb 2018 and since: nothing! certainly the last one for this model, I guess…
    So consider that "LG Smart TV" are "smart" only for one year, then they become useless because "previous LG TV will not get last webOS update" > means "no update of web engine" (Chromium 53 and follow).
    And obviously, it will be the same in 2020 for 2018/2019 models…..
    (model: 55UB830V)

  2. Joy Road Mike

    My LG smart tv is connected to the internet it’s updated to 05.05.55 on 9/27/18 when I click on the YouTube app the app won’t load it’s goes into black screen glitches from the black screen to the live tv I’m having a issue anyone can help please ?

  3. ElectrikArguement

    After clicking Settings, I go to click "Advanced/All Settings" at the bottom, and NOTHING happens. The icon just disappears. The TV is less than 2yrs old, & never had this issue. Im just tryna get into my Wifi settings to connect to a new network. But I have nothing. Also, tried to open YouTube, etc. But when I click them on the home screen, all it does is "exit" out of the home menu. Wtf?? This never happened before

  4. Caesar

    I updated the firmware and Youtube app on my good-old LG LN6150, just to get this pretty message: The YouTube app on this device is no longer available . Youtube has ended its support for this app and is no longer available on this device. You can continue to enjoy your favorite creators and videos in many other ways. The message should also contain: Until you'll update your old, filthy, disgusting, obsolete 5 years old devices too that is.
    I understand it's not entirely your fault in this greedy game, but damn, stop suggesting users to check that "Allow Automatic Updates" option!

  5. kim baeksoo

    Hi, our Youtube app doesn't work anymore, I can type or choose a video but when I click the video it will stay Loading for hours, I thought it was just the Internet so I try reconnecting to the Internet but then nothing happened. Our Internet sure does work fine, it was only on Youtube. How do I fix this? I'd love to see a reply. Thankyou!

  6. Chill Drive

    ok, please explain me. why should i update? – i mean tv is working perfect, no bugs and here is an update. still trying to understand whats gonna be new and etc.. why cant you add info whats coming out with updates.

  7. Jan Coldwater

    I have an LG TV and the frigging widget for YouTube no longer works and there is no updates that ever fixed it. Something to do with Yahoo being bought by Google! So what?? Get a frigging update!

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