26 Replies to “How to unlock hotel Samsung TV menu.”

  1. Todd Kroeker

    If you only knew how many times we have had to pitch TVs from our rooms from people doing this to hook up game consoles and other devices. These TVs have issues with video encryption and changing some but not all settings. Pro:Idium is the worst at being picky. Yep completely trashed.

  2. Christopher S

    Hi, thats great thanks. But when I set power on source back to tv, I get weak or no signal. There are no channels, how can I fix this? I notice the tv has no ariel but did work before I changed the settings.

  3. Valledanne Daniel

    thanks u so much, my 2 year old was turning up the volume to 100 and switching off the channels all the time when hes older brother was watching =) finally some peace n quiet in the livingroom. this was a godsend

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