How to Turn Your Android TV Box into a File or Media Server

Here we are with another Video Tutorial for our Kodi Help Guide Playlist and on this video we are going to see How we can Turn Our Android TV Box into a File or Media Server.

Devices & Aps:
Probox2 Air:
Terramaster D5-300:

The best solution in my opinion is still a NAS unit but if that is a impossible situation at this moment than this video tutorial will help to guide on how to share the files / movies stored on one of our android tv boxes to any other device on our network.

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35 Replies to “How to Turn Your Android TV Box into a File or Media Server”

  1. Jameson Serfontein

    Thank you for the information, In the case of a server (PR2100 NAS), must you still connect a USB cable between the server and the TV box? I want to download my movies directly to my NAS, is that possible via the ethernet connection(Network)? Please assist with the settings? My server and the TV box are ± 20meters apart. My email if anybody can help me, please.

  2. Joseph Bleyor

    Great video Roberto. I've been using Sambadroid for a while but it only supports smb v1.0 and accessing it from windows 10 is problematic as smb v1.0 is not enabled in windows 10 by default. Are there any android samba server that support smb v2.0???

  3. HowStrange

    Nice video. Why does the Android box need root access? I thought you could run Samba server on a non-rooted box, so is there a difference? I've not bought a box yet (looking at Minix), so this would help me decide. Thanks.

  4. Davide Sposato

    Hi, what is the transfer speed of this solution when you copy file from your pc to the nas?? i tried to use the usb 3.0 port of the modem for the same purpouse but the transfer speed it's about 4/6 mb/s pratically it's take more time to trasfer to the modem-disk then download from internet

  5. Kash Patton

    Hello and thanks for the video. But I think I might have an issue with not using a "rooted" maschine? I have tried adding a USB as well as an external bigger HD. None show up in the /storage/ -folder. Is this the problem? If not, what am I doing wrong? Hope someone can help, since the internal Android box storage is minimal for any kind of data-collection ;-(

  6. Bob Crane

    While I understand electronics well network sharing causes me angst. If I install this app on my Android box do all of the existing functions still work or is it now a dedicated media server?

  7. Unknown Records

    I just set this up, only problem is when I tried to add movies to my kodi library. I go to ad videos and browse select SMB and the drive like you did in the video.But the box can't find the server when it's scanning for movies. The box I am using is the Minix X8H-Plus.

  8. Boy Boy

    wow, got another some inspiration from this video, however i still happy with my wd mycloud, straightforward and cheap. anyway tx buddy for your hard work. appreciate it ?


    Hello Roberto! I hope you and your family are doing well. Have you or are you planning to do a review of the new 2017 Nvidia Shield? I've seen some reviews on here but I  prefer your perspective. You are very thorough in your reviews. I enjoy them very much. Keep up the good work and thank you!

  10. Michael Billings Cole

    It's definitely neat and nice that we can turn an android TV box into a media server for our other android boxes tablets and cell phones and whatnot
    but it really isn't that practical these boxes are designed with simple processors that can do it yes but put that much workload on something like an android TV box you should expect it to overheat and eventually died which definitely the first generation android TV box did and you really don't get that much functionality of a true media server on an android box if you want to have a media server that you can stream anywhere I'd highly recommend using a PC for several reasons you can add tons more hard drive including 4 TB or higher unlike android which is only generally 2 TB USB and a PC has way more raw power than a simple 2 GB of RAM average 16 gigs of memory android box my recommendation for server is serviio and Twonky in a simple DNS like I find with these two combinations of server you can pretty much do anything you want and see anything you want and won't oversee or kill the processor due to the fact that most computer processors are designed for high power task and can handle much more strain than your average android TV box

  11. tuloco Gonzalez

    hi Roberto George how are you buddy? long time no speak hope all is well with the family and the new place. I have a questions we spoke before on different things and you have helped me alot. I was wondering if this box is in the same level as of the MINIX u1 . do you remember I asked of how good was it n you said it was really good. so I trusted your word and bought it. I have it a yr now. I have been thinking of updating it. it is 5.1 which it works well but us men are never satisfied. . I know 6.0 is better n faster. but I have seen videos of tons of boxes . n videos of a 6.0 issue. too. with ur experience. I want a box that's like the miux u1 or better n faster like…. octacore n the lasted is…. or idh if s912 is the latest. I was looking at the pro air 2 I like it. can u help me. I like your decisions. lol. I like the k12, themecool. I think its called anyway what you suggest that's fast and a awesome box for the buck not to buy it just because its expensive. I want a good box that does all but not to costly

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