HOW TO: Tune Sony’s Android TV (analogue/digital tuning)

This video will take you through the initial tuning procedure, how to re-tune from the menu, and how to sort your channels to your preferred location.

00:28 Tuning for the first time
01:36 Sorting channels after tuning
02:16 Missing channels? Retune your TV

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11 Replies to “HOW TO: Tune Sony’s Android TV (analogue/digital tuning)”

  1. Cucoreanu Cosmin

    Shame on you!!!Digital channel’s works just for few minutes,1300£ paid for a Sony tv4k to watch digital and it’s not working…from 2017 when I bought it , till now you didn’t do anything!!!No updates for tv ver to fix this problem!!!Such a big mega company as Sony … 🤨
    U just take people money🤑,and then u don’t care about them..🤮👎👊

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