How To Stream video to Nintendo Wii U using Plex for FREE!

Learn How To stream movies and other media directly onto your Nintendo Wii U from your PC using Plex Media Server for FREE!!

This setup is so easy and simple to do that I bet even your Gran could do it using this tutorial!

Video includes Installation, setup and demonstration of Plex on a PC then a Wii U.

Steps in this video:

1. Go to and sign up.
2. Install Plex software from
3. Sign into software with account created
4. Add Library for your videos or photos
5. Jump over to Wii U and open Internet Browser
6. Browse to
7. Login with account you created on PC
8. Click Launch (Top Right)
9. Access your Media
10. Click Like on this video then Comment nicely! 🙂

Current Known issues with this setup:

– The web interface sometimes becomes choppy when browsing through lots of content. Just scroll down slowly and it should be ok. This doesn’t affect the quality of the playback.

– Plex supports Music playback but it doesn’t appear to work in the WiiU browser. Awaiting confirmation on update to fix this.

– Plex doesn’t allow Surround Sound streaming (e.g – DTS 5.1) through the Web UI. So no surround sound on the WiiU currently.

Please let us know any other issues you encounter and we will update the video description.

Thanks for watching!

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22 Replies to “How To Stream video to Nintendo Wii U using Plex for FREE!”

  1. Chase Her

    Thanks for the video. Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that Nintendo Wii is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Nintendo Wii you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

  2. KoenvdW88

    Doesn't work anymore, as suddenly the only version of the Plex website you can load on Wii U is the mobile version with a menu button that doesn't work. There's no solution for this at the moment, and Plex aren't responding or doing anything about it. There is a workaround: find the IP address of the computer running Plex, put that into the Wii U browser and add :32400/web to it, without spaces. This only works locally though, and if you have dynamic IP, you're going to have to find that IP address every time you want to access media on your Wii U.

  3. MAGAMan. Z er0

    u can do that without a program! u just have to take the file in a specific folder and u have to go to a specific adress from the wii u browser… this is overly stupid and complicated…. i was here to find out how see streaming on wii u from the internet or how to project my desktop on my wii u

    this is misleading and useless

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