How To Stream On YouTube With Xbox One

How to stream to Youtube With Xbox One. This video will teach you how to broadcast your gameplay on your Xbox One to Youtube, or in other words, how to livestream on Xbox One. Stream from Xbox One to Youtube without a capture card {no capture card/computer). No capture card/computer is needed when using this method to stream from your Xbox One.

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  1. Couchteamgaming

    Hey wolf pack, here are a few extra tips, be sure to read/follow all of them so that things can go as smoothly as possible:

    1) Wire your Xbox One if possible, WiFi will have a higher chance of causing issues. For example: you may get a lot of lag, the quality of your stream might be low, and the stream might disconnect a lot.
    2) Your upload speed should be at least 3.5 Mbps/3500 Kbps, this is an estimate on my part (higher is better/it may work with lower) but if it's too low it may not work at all or the stream quality will not be too good. For the best quality possible, your upload speed should be about 6 Mbps/6000 Kbps.
    3) You want your mobile device to be close to your modem/router so that the connection is good and doesn't drop (same room is best).
    4) It's easy for other devices around your mobile device to cause problems as a lot of devices put out a signal. If you find your mobile device not staying connected then look around the room it is in and consider turning off any EXTRA devices you may have on, or moving them away from it. For example: wireless controllers being to close can cause problems, cell phones, tablets, laptops etc.
    5) Lastly, leave a comment letting me know how it worked out for you and share this guide with your friends.

    iPhone/iPad: Some steps are slightly different if you are trying to stream from iOS. You'll want to use the Omlet Arcade app instead of the YouTube Gaming app. I current don't have an iPhone/iPad but I will make a video showing you how if I can get my hands on one.
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