How To Stop “BUTT WINKING” During Squats!

What’s up, Achievers?! Jason here with a Technique Tuesday on butt winking during squats! Butt winking is a super weird term that basically means your pelvis tucks under and your lower back rounds while descending into a squat. When unloaded, that’s totally fine and acceptable. However, if you’re squatting with a load like a barbell or kettlebell, you’re really loading the passive structures of your back and it can cause a lot of pain over time.

This video narrows down the top three reasons why someone might butt wink during a squat. There are also a whole host of other reasons why it might be occurring – including the fact that your hip bone structure might be positioned in a way that it’s nearly impossible to achieve a deep squat without rounding over! That’s why I recommend getting checked out by a physical therapist if your squatting ability doesn’t improve over the course of the next couple months with the drills I outlined in the video. There might be some sort of underlying reason and it would be a lot more efficient to get it looked at by a professional!

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